*Spoiler* The Alexa Bliss-Eva Marie feud has begun

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*Spoiler* The Alexa Bliss-Eva Marie feud has begun

In yet another "Championship Contenders Match" on RAW, Eva Marie and Doudrop attempted to enter tag team title contention. They had to face and beat the Women's Tag Team Champions Natalya and Tamina for that. Early on in the match, Natalya suffered an injury that could turn out worse than we thought.

Tamina was the one who had to carry her team on RAW and considering the situation, she did a great job of it. Ultimately, it was Eva Marie's overconfidence that stopped her from winning, as well as an indirect interference from Alexa Bliss.

The Alexa Bliss-Eva Marie feud has begun

She limped after the match and was being helped to the back, with Tamina eventually coming to her aid as well. Hopefully, the injury isn't as bad as it looks. As of now, the Women's Tag Team Championship won't be a priority on RAW.

The Alexa Bliss-Eva Marie feud has begun on the Red brand as well. Meanwhile, Charlotte Flair is backstage and begins to encourage herself as usual by stating that without her there would be no female division. She is now for the Main Event!

CHARLOTTE FLAIR VS NIKKI A.S.H Nikki tries to charge but the gap between the two wrestlers is evident and Charlotte hits the opponent with a series of Chops. She tries to remove Nikki's mask without success and continues to beat her, the A.S.H tempts a Schoolboy and reacts by sending the Flair to the ground.

Upon returning from advertising Charlotte is in control again but misses a shot and Nikki makes a Tornado DDT and climbs on the third rope, this turns out to be a mistake and in the end, it is Charlotte who gets the victory.

At the end of the match Charlotte makes fun of her opponent saying that the outcome of the match was obvious, Nikki wants a rematch for next week and Charlotte accepts and hits the opponent thus taking the scene. Amidst the quarrel, Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville made their way into the arena.

Deville admitted that the only fair thing to do was book a Triple Threat Match for the title at SummerSlam. Sonya continued that it gave both Charlotte and Rhea a chance. ‘The Queen’ wasn’t having it. She wanted a match against Nikki the very night, to prove Nikki wasn’t in her league.

The match is a mouth-watering one. The fans are rooting for Nikki A.S.H. to retain her well-deserved title reign.