Kofi Kingston recalls his famous match with Brock Lesnar

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Kofi Kingston recalls his famous match with Brock Lesnar

It took Kofi Kingston over a decade to realize his dream of winning his first WWE world title. However, his glory lasted just a blink of an eye, as Brock Lesnar abruptly broke his reign to general dismay. Let's summarize the facts: Kingston became WWE champion at WrestleMania 36 thanks to his victory over Daniel Bryan.

On October 4, 2019, in the first edition of SmackDown aired on FOX, the Beast literally demolished it, dismissing the dispute in less than a minute. WWE's decision to make Kofi lose his belt in those ways has generated a lot of controversy among both fans and insiders (as well as reducing the credibility of Kingston's character).

Speaking in the latest edition of the 'Battleground' podcast, the star of Ghanaian origins stressed how victories and defeats are an integral part of this business.

Kofi Kingston on his match with Brock Lesnar

“It was sooooo fast.

I don't get paid by the hour and I have to admit that that match didn't take me so much work. I didn't have to take any big hits or bumps, I only took one, so it was nice in the end. If it had been up to me, the course of the match would have been a little different, but these are not decisions that belong to an athlete" - said Kofi Kingston.

"The only thing I can really control is my performance and my ability to make the best of my ability in relation to what is asked of me. This is what I have always tried to do in the last ten years and even more” - he added.

Several fans were angry at the way Kofi Kingston was treated, whose titled reign might have deserved a different epilogue. "People are still angry at how that meeting took place. The conditions were there to witness something magical and surprising, but the company's strategy turned out to be different from what the fans wanted.

It is the logic of this business and must be accepted." On the latest Mat Men Pro Wrestling podcast, Andrew Zarian noted the plans to bring back Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam haven't worked out. He stated that the issue seems to stem from a creative standpoint.

Zarian added that Lesnar will most likely be back sometime later this year. “They wanted Brock," said Zarian. "For whatever reason, the plan didn’t work out. I believe it was creative-wise, it just wasn’t fitting.

Financially, they want Brock to commit to live shows. They are working it out, it’s gonna happen. It’s not that it’s not gonna happen, it’s gonna happen unless something goes tremendously terrible, which I don’t think it will.

I think we’re gonna see Brock, I just don’t think he’s needed for SummerSlam if they have this planned out already."