Eric Bischoff reveals what Goldberg will do at SummerSlam

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Eric Bischoff reveals what Goldberg will do at SummerSlam

With the approach of SummerSlam, the h*ttest pay-per-view of the summer, great returns to WWE have been kicked off. After John Cena made an appearance on Money in the Bank ending a year's absence, Goldberg also returned to the TV screens to start a feud with Bobby Lashley.

Not all fans liked these moves, sensing the Stamford-based federation's intention to once again rely on part-timer veterans in the highlights of SummerSlam. As part of Conrad Thompson's 'For The Heat' radio show, WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff did not mince words criticizing Vince McMahon's company decision to bet on Goldberg again.

According to the former RAW general manager, Bill is more focused on earning big pay than trying to win the WWE Championship.

Eric Bischoff opens up on Goldberg

Goldberg is back in WWE and from the looks of it, Bobby Lashley is next!

As much as they may boo him and be up in arms about him taking up a spot...when Goldberg returns, the crowd celebrates in unison. Goldberg is signed to a deal until 2023 and will wrestle two matches a year. There's still a large percentage of the WWE roster that he's yet to face in first-ever dream matches.

“I'm also not happy with the turn WWE shows are taking ahead of SummerSlam. It is obvious that Bobby Lashley will take one bite of Goldberg. How interesting is a storyline that we already know what the ending will be.

Goldberg fights twice a year because he has signed a deal with WWE until 2023 for a huge amount of money, and all he has to do is show up in the ring and create a little hype. He absolutely doesn't care if he wins or loses.

He shows up on the square at his age only for the paycheck. How long can a meeting with Lashley last? In my opinion, it is possible that it will end in less than three minutes” - revealed Eric Bischoff. The former executive director of SmackDown added further: “As for Bobby Lashley, it's clear that WWE wants to take him to the next level.

What are the options at the moment? Destroy a legend like Goldberg! Here's how that challenge will go. There is nothing exciting, as I see it. Rest assured that we will not see any surprises, the end of the match is taken for granted just like a mathematical equation" If you check out both of Goldberg's recent appearances, he's shown up after Keith Lee's lost a big match.