Reason why AJ Styles attacked Riddle

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Reason why AJ Styles attacked Riddle

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw, the Tag Team Champions AJ Styles and Omos were absolute protagonists in the red show. The two first confirmed themselves as champions by beating the Viking Raiders again and then we saw them in a rather peculiar situation.

We then saw a segment with AJ Styles entering the Backstage Room and sneakily and furtively talking with The Miz about issues considered 'related to couple titles' Subsequently, during the (very interesting) match between John Morrison and Matt Riddle, the two duo champions attacked The Original Bro savagely causing his defeat and handing the victory to John Morrison.

It should also be noted that WWE Universe fans on the show were calling for the return of Randy Orton to save the famous RK-Bro teammate.

AJ Styles explains this week's exploits

During the last episode of Raw Talk, at the end of the red show, AJ Styles and Omos talked to Kevin Patrick and revealed the particular reason why they attacked Matt Riddle.

Here are his 'strange' statements: "The truth is that there is no real reason behind my attack. I just don't like him, no one is his friend and I don't know anyone who really likes him. Also, I notice that he has a sweet tooth and candy which really bothers me.

He carries gummy bears everywhere and I hate it." AJ Styles and Omos revealed that they don't like Riddle's particular passion and would much prefer him to eat food like fish or 'Sour Patch Kids' A very unusual reason to carry out an attack within the WWE.

After the victory against the Viking Raiders, the Tag Team Champion seem to have definitively closed that chapter and instead seem interested in starting a new feud with The Original Bro. Who knows if in the coming weeks the Legend Killer will return and there will be a new clash perhaps for the couple titles in Raw.

However, the experience of Erik and Ivar was just not enough to topple the Phenomenal One and the giant, Omos, who successfully defended their RAW Tag Team titles. It looks like AJ Styles and Omos are done with the Viking Raiders and have now turned their attention to Riddle, who is outnumbered now that Randy Orton seems to be out of the picture.

Styles and Omos would reveal that they detest Riddle for his decision to carry around gummy bears, and they would much rather eat 'Sour Patch Kids' and 'Swedish Fish' respectively.