Kayla Braxton recalls a segment with Roman Reigns

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Kayla Braxton recalls a segment with Roman Reigns

An episode from the past often remembered in WWE concerns the interview of Kayla Braxton made in 2019 with Roman Reigns. At that time the wrestler was not the Tribal Chief of the company and in that episode of SmackDown, he risked being hit by surprise by a bunch of scaffolding during the interview.

In that period Roman suffered several surprise attacks, even risked being hit by a car and after weeks it was discovered that the shady figure who wanted to attack the wrestler was none other than Erick Rowan. Speaking on the Notsam Wrestling podcast Kayla Braxton returned to that episode and in particular revealed that she didn't really like her reaction in that segment.

In fact, Kayla did nothing but scream 'Oh my God' over and over without breaking off or doing anything.

Kayla Braxton on Roman Reigns

Recalling that episode, Kayla Braxton said: "From the first take it was just screaming and I was basically just screaming.

When I saw that segment sometime later I thought 'Oh my God Kayla, come on. You're Embarrassing.' In fact, I have to say it was one of the most embarrassing moments in WWE. It was a beautiful moment but at the same time, I wanted to do better.

What can I say, next time maybe I'll practice screaming better." That backstage segment gave birth to a new storyline that ended with Erick Rowan's victory over Roman Reigns at WWE Clash of Champions 2019. Recalling that episode, Kayla revealed that several times there are memes, tags and tweets where she is reposted on social media while she screams in terror.

In some ways it was fun. Kayla Braxton currently hosts WWE show The Bump every Wednesday and works as an interviewer on both Raw and SmackDown as well as conducting Talking Smack. Compared to that period, many things have changed and above all the role of Roman Reigns, now ruler and Tribal Chief of the WWE and for months now WWE Universal Champion, has changed.

Although Kayla Braxton’s canceled interview with Roman Reigns took place almost two years ago, WWE fans have not forgotten about the infamous moment. The interviewer said she regularly receives messages about her reaction to seeing the scaffold fall upon Reigns.

“That was fun though,” Braxton added. “Being put in storylines has been really cool, and that’s when I get to show my sassy, creative side… Every time that someone replays that in a package, I get tweeted, I get tagged, people just tearing me to pieces on social media for that scream”.