How serious is Natalya's injury?

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How serious is Natalya's injury?

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE main roster duo champion Natalya suffered a bad leg injury, which initially it was not clear what had hit, whether a knee, a tendon, an ankle or the foot. What is certain is that the injury is not part of a storyline, as the Canadian fighter was unable to finish the match and therefore left the "dirty work" to her teammate, Tamina.

In spite of everything, the champions managed to win their contest against Eva Marie and Doudrop, but the worrying thing now remains the situation of her Natalya, especially because we still don't know about the nature of her injury and its serious.

To give us some initial clues, however, Dave Meltzer comes to our rescue, who in his daily newsletter of the Wrestling Observer, wanted to update fans and insiders on what happened to Nattie during his meeting on Raw.

Latest update on Natalya

In the last episode of the Observer's daily newsletter, Dave Meltzer said: "It wasn't obvious from the match, but it essentially happened when Doudrop, Piper Niven, threw her against the ropes and she did a kind of somersault and her ankle bent in a really bad way.

We don't know how serious the injury is, but it's probably very serious. I don't know if she's already done an X-ray or whatever, but it's not the knee, it's the right ankle. I saw the clip and it was shot in that exact spot.

This is what happened. With Natalya, there are still no answers, but we probably won't have any until tomorrow or the next day, thanks to the plates or whatever. But without a shadow of a doubt, she is very serious as a thing, because if she weren't, she would at least be able to walk on her own.

This is a very real thing. Let's hope it's not too serious and you don't need an operation, because otherwise, you could be out for quite some time." WWE Superstar Natalya recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda's Riju Dasgupta where she revealed how Bianca Belair picking up Otis reminded her of the time she had Nia Jax on her shoulders in the 2019 Royal Rumble match.

"It reminded me of the time that I had Nia Jax on my shoulders for the Royal Rumble. I almost eliminated Nia with that and I thought, you know because Otis is not small. I mean, I think, Otis and Nia might be comparable (laughs) as far as just like, man, they're both larger than life.

But when I saw Bianca have Otis on her shoulders, I thought 'wow that's really cool,', like she's a really strong girl."