Chelsea Green to return to WWE on one condition

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Chelsea Green to return to WWE on one condition

In the last year and a half, WWE has dedicated itself to the fateful "cleaning" of the roster, going to fire several wrestlers and professionals, who with this world pandemic situation had become almost a burden for the McMahons and for the whole agency.

Among wrestlers, road agents, referees and office employees, as well as many other workers who are not usually seen on-screen, WWE has in fact fired around 300 employees. Among the many names released by the WWE, recently Chelsea Green has also returned.

Green's the girlfriend of the even more famous Zack Ryder who was also released by McMahons, a year earlier, and who now fights in the AEW and Impact Wrestling rings under his real name, Matt Cardona. Apparently, the girlfriend of the former WWE Intercontinental Champion is not so angry with her former employers anymore, as in her last interview she wanted to state how she was willing to rush back to the McMahon court if they offered her a particular on-screen role, the Alexa Bliss doll: Lily.

Chelsea Green made her return to IMPACT Wrestling

In her latest interview, the new AEW fighter, as well as a great return to the Impact TV screens, wanted to have her say on a possible call from Stamford, to which she would immediately answer yes, but on one condition: "Honestly, if they were to call me and say they want me to do Lily, I'd accept in a heartbeat.

Because he's totally the kind of character I need to see on TV and I want to be that person for the fans too." Over the course of her career, especially before she landed on the WWE rings, Chelsea Green has always had some very special gimmicks, such as the bride abandoned at the altar addicted to alcohol, who left good memory to the fans, because she was able to interpret her character in a truly real and impressive way.

Chelsea Green made her return to IMPACT Wrestling last week at Slammiversary after nearly three years. She competed at Slammiversary after her non-compete clause with WWE expired following her release from the company. Prior to her release, Chelsea Green had been promoted to WWE Smackdown and competed in a fatal four-way match to earn a spot on her brand's Survivor Series team.

The plan was for her to win the match but she suffered a severe wrist injury that sidelined her and she was eventually released. Chelsea Green responded on Twitter to WWE's Ivar of the Viking Raiders and revealed that she's still nursing a wrist injury.