Latest news on the WWE Queen of the Ring tournament

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Latest news on the WWE Queen of the Ring tournament

A few days ago we gave you some fantastic news for the WWE women's division: the Queen of the Ring is coming. In June we also let you know that WWE was planning to bring back to light the themed shows with the return on the road and among these, there was also the King of the Ring.

According to what's been reported by Wrestling Inc, WWE is planning a new project for women, namely the tournament to crown the queen of the ring, the Queen of the Ring which should arrive towards the end of 2021. This is the statement: “Wrestling Inc.

is learned that WWE will be hosting a Queen of the Ring tournament this year. We would have more details soon." And actually, we finally have some more details.

Are you excited about the Queen of the Ring tournament?

According to reporter Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men Pro Wrestling podcast, the tournament to decree the Queen of the Ring will take place on October 8 for SmackDown and October 11 for Raw.

For now, this is the news, but as we know in the world of wrestling the plans could always change, so get ready for more news on this topic. We remind you that the WWE has not yet officially announced this tournament and that all you read are rumors that come from some journalists in the wrestling field.

Surely by turning to social media everyone, in a happy or angry way, point towards Charlotte Flair as the winner, but this tournament could be a good opportunity for a woman who has not yet had the opportunity to shine in terms of storyline and performance in the ring.

This tournament is obviously in the wake of the famous King of the Ring born in 1985, which however skipped 1990 and 1992, until 2002 when it was discontinued. The latest King of the Ring was won in 2019 by Baron Corbin. Who will be our Queen of the Ring? If these dates don't change, the tournament will begin following this year's WWE Draft.

So unless there are RAW and SmackDown bracket sides with the two winners of each bracket facing each other at a pay-per-view, the WWE Draft will immediately be marginalized by this tournament. As for the finals, Zarian reports that he would have the date of the finals later on today. But as of this writing, there is no further information about when the finals of this tournament will take place.