Sheamus reaches a huge milestone

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Sheamus reaches a huge milestone

In the roster of Monday Night Raw, there are champions who have been such for some time now, such as the absolute WWE champion, Bobby Lashley, who holds the title of the McMahon-owned company since the beginning of the year or Sheamus, who instead holds the title of the United States, for some months now.

As you recall, Sheamus had managed to get the better of the former US champion, at Wrestlemania, with Riddle being kicked with a devastating Brogue Kick, which left Randy Orton's friend with a bloody face, who in that juncture was still alone, before finding his perfect partner in the Legend Killer.

After more than three months of reign, an important milestone now also arrives for the Irish WWE champion, who after having had a nose operation for a fracture remedied right in the Raw rings, has still carried on his reign, defending his belt from attack by several characters.

Sheamus reaches 100 days as a US champion

Only last Monday, the WWE with some posts put on the various social channels of the company, wanted to celebrate its champion of the United States, who was however defeated by his fight on Monday Night Raw, where he was called to a match against the former North American Champion of NXT, Damian Priest.

For the occasion, Priest was called to have a match against the champion to get a future titled chance for the United States belt and thus winning his match, he will now have a match against the Irishman, where he will try to snatch the title from him.

of secondary champion of the red show. In all this, however, Sheamus has exceeded the 100 days as a US champion, which nowadays are still a great record, even if the absolute ones of the past, (of records), go well beyond the whole year of reign.

We will see if Sheamus and Damian Priest will clash and collide at Summerslam or if the WWE will find for them a new location for the challenge deserved by the talent of Puerto Rican origins and if the winner will be Priest, who will thus put an end to the already long reign of Sheamus, for an important title like the US one, which has created many careers from scratch, such as that of MVP, now several years ago at Smackdown.

Sheamus won the WWE United States Championship after defeating Riddle at WrestleMania earlier this year. This came as a sort of reward for The Celtic Warrior after a spell of outstanding matches during the "pandemic era" of WWE.

Sheamus has been one of the most protected members of the RAW roster in recent months, which is why his recent loss came across as a newsworthy moment.