Shane Helms Comments on Working with Nikki A.S.H

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Shane Helms Comments on Working with Nikki A.S.H

Shane Helms was most famously known as The Hurricane and was a superhero character in the WWE. These days Nikki A.S.H is the popular superhero character in WWE. Shane Helms endorsed Nikki A.S.H as soon as she started her superhero character.

On the Bump, Shane Helms spoke about Nikki. Nikki recently won the RAW Women’s Title. Nikki stated that her current character was what she was supposed to be.

Shane Helms Speaks About Working With Nikki A.S.H in the future

“I just feel that Nikki A.S.H.

is who I was supposed to be,” she said proudly. “It’s been years and years of finding myself and finding the confidence and happiness and joy. Finding it and spreading it, I don’t want to keep this just to myself.

I want to spread it to everyone. The metamorphosis represents that. I always wanted to be honest and say I know I don’t have superpowers, super-speed or super-strength, but when I put on this cape and mask, I feel like I can try anything.

“I just people to feel that: That they can try anything that they put their mind to. Being able to share that message was so important and so crucial and essential. I’m so over the moon and excited!” Nikki, later on, suggested the idea that she wants to work with Shane Helms on WWE TV.

Even though Shane has stated that he does not want The Hurricane to ever return, he did not turn down Nikki’s offer to return. “Uh, let me say, I have ideas, but I don’t want to give them out now,” Helms replied with a grin.

“It would have to be something that highlights Nikki. That’s something I want to make sure of ’cause I’ve had a lot of great moments myself, but if I could find a way to highlight Nikki, 100 percent, I’m in”.

Shane also revealed that he is always there to support Nikki whenever he gets a chance. “It’s been amazing. I try to be there in gorilla every time she comes back. For the big moments, I’ve been there,” Shane Helms began.

“She’s been polite and humble. Not that she had to ask for permission, but you know, I’m not wrestling as The Hurricane anymore. I just turned 47, and that window might be closing. She took the respectful route and asked me about it, and from day one, I told her, whatever you need, I’m here for you. It’s been fun watching her grow. Nobody was happier for her than me that night”.