Becky Lynch's return remains imminent

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Becky Lynch's return remains imminent

After so many months without Becky Lynch, her absence is really starting to make itself felt, with a women's division of the WWE that is suffering a bit from layoffs and injuries that have driven some athletes away. The Man is one of the most anticipated women of 2021, in fact when she sent many messages about her possible return, especially during the Royal Rumble of 2021, Wrestlemania 37 and Money In The Bank, she drove everyone crazy.

Obviously, her return to the royal fight was unlikely because too close to giving birth, but for Wrestlemania, we learned that the company waited for two reasons: Becky was not ready and her contract had not been renewed.

Money In The Bank, on the other hand, was more of a surprise because PW Insider had let us know that WWE had included it in their lineup for the ppv, even though it was not planned to show it in front of the cameras.

Backstage news on Becky Lynch

During the weekly Fightful Select show that analyzes the episode of Raw immediately after the airing ends, Sean Ross Sapp obviously wanted to talk about the Triple Threat organized for the Raw women's belt for Summerslam.

These were his words about it: “That match for Summerslam was a surprise. A lot of people expected Becky Lynch to return, but rumor has it that she may be headed for a different brand. So, who knows, but they really need her so much."

So Becky may not return to Raw and obviously also excludes NXT, leaving open the possibility of seeing her at SmackDown, which is logical given that Seth Rollins, husband and father of her daughter, currently works in the blue brand and so the two could travel comfortably together.

also handling the situation with Roux. However, her return period has not been specified, so further details will have to be awaited. What is certain is that the WWE women's division needs Becky Lynch more than ever and that her colleagues are ready to welcome her with open arms.

While the move has not been confirmed, WWE's plan to have Becky Lynch return to SmackDown may be linked with her husband, Seth Rollins. He is a part of the blue brand's roster. It makes sense to put couples on the same brand, especially since the company is back on the road.

So, if her WWE return does happen on Friday nights, The Man could still make the SummerSlam card. SmackDown Women's Champion Bianca Belair is yet to get a challenger for the pay-per-view, although that could change this week.