Mandy Rose opens a new stable on NXT?

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Mandy Rose opens a new stable on NXT?

After a truly formidable year for her, the limelight seems to have gone out for the ex-Smackdown athlete, recently seen also in the Raw rings and who's now moved permanently to NXT: Mandy Rose. After a long feud with her former best friend, Sonya Deville, which ended in last year's edition of Summerslam, where initially the defeat would have had to cut her hair completely, in a hair vs hair match, which then turned into a "Loser Leaves WWE "match, the McMahon-owned company has put aside the beautiful blonde of its rosters a bit.

The long storyline she had at the beginning of the pandemic period, alongside Otis, had literally made the entire WWE Universe audience dream, with their love story perpetually ruined by Dolph Ziggler and also by Deville herself, who had so passionate so many fans, as to bring the McMahons to make the chubby wrestler win the Money in the Bank Ladder match, with the briefcase that eventually went into The Miz's hands.

But what's next in Mandy Rose's future at NXT?

Latest update on Mandy Rose

In the last episode of NXT that aired on USA Network television screens in the night, Mandy Rose only appeared in a backstage segment, where the beautiful blonde of the third brand of the federation was found in the company of two new girls on the roster: Gigi Dolan and Jacey Jane.

As soon as they saw the camera, all three girls pushed her back with force, even making ugly looks at the operator behind the camera, a sign that what the three were saying was not only very important, but had to remain for the moment.

also quite secret. Apparently, WWE could soon present a new storyline with the three as protagonists, given that with the pregnancy of Dana Brooke, former partner of Mandy Rose, all her plans on the main roster have been wrecked.

Many are now wondering if the long-awaited stable all made up of women that was initially to be formed at NXT or on the main roster with Charlotte, is now something as concrete as possible, with Mandy Rose who could now open her personal "stable", introducing young talents to grow together in the rings of the Stamford company.

Russo spoke to Dr. Chris Featherstone on the latest episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Writing With Russo series about Rose and Brooke’s sudden break-up. Although he does not want Brooke to lose her job, he believes she could benefit from leaving WWE.

“I say this truthfully, I hope it’s not another release,” Russo said. “I hate seeing people be released because you’re talking about somebody losing a job and I hate that. But on the other side of the coin, I mean, doors do open.

I really believe there are a lot of unhappy people working there right now. Bro, when the doors to freedom open and now all of a sudden you have all these possibilities…”