New details on CM Punk's future

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New details on CM Punk's future

It is now only a matter of time, the one that will make us understand if the latest rumors of the last few weeks were only such or if they were absolutely real and therefore if one of the most successful WWE world champions of recent years will really go to reconnect his boots to get into the All Elite Wrestling rings.

We are obviously talking about Chicago's Second City Savior: CM Punk. After the continuous rumors about the possible signing of Daniel Bryan with the company of the Khan family, with his debut that should arrive no earlier than the end of September, the news of the certain signing of Punk with the second-largest federation would also come from several important sources.

important of America, the AEW in fact. According to insiders, CM Punk should now debut on the television screens of the federation which already sees several former WWE members such as Chris Jericho, Andrade, Jon Moxley and many many others, in his Chicago, where the AEW will hold the next ppv All Out .

The paid event in question will air right from the wrestler's hometown on September 5th and will therefore be the perfect venue to present it to the home crowd, which will surely make the arena explode in a shout of joy for his return.

to the ring after years of absenteeism.

New details on CM Punk's future

Apparently, while WWE executives and insiders would be very worried about all these former federation members who go to reinforce the rival company every month, as far as CM Punk's situation is concerned, many would instead be relieved.

According to reports in the last few hours by the well-known site Ringside News, several internal WWE insiders have revealed with textual words, that: "WWE has no interest in CM Punk and even less in Phil Brooks as a human being.

Let's let their headache be now." With these very pungent phrases, some internal sources have explained in a very exhaustive and crystalline way the point of view of McMahon and the rest of the crew with Punk, which in recent years has not enjoyed the esteem of former colleagues and former bosses, especially for how he has behaved since his departure from the company.

On the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer gave his take on the situation and seemed to hint that both Punk and Bryan are set to sign with All Elite Wrestling. Meltzer expects them both to sign with the promotion unless “something falls apart”: "I think everyone knows that unless something falls apart, they’re both coming in because if these deals were not close, they were probably not already done, and there are signs that both are done but I cannot confirm because no one in the company will confirm it but there are moves that I know of that are being made that would only be made if CM Punk was coming in."