Former WWE star sends a beautiful message to Triple H

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Former WWE star sends a beautiful message to Triple H

Triple H has just turned 52, with superstars of the past and present taking the opportunity to send a message to one of the great symbols of the modern era. The 14-time world champion has progressively moved away from the ring in recent years, leaving space for the youngest and successfully dedicating himself to his managerial role.

The Game played a pivotal role in the extraordinary rise of NXT, whose shows are often seen as more attractive than Raw and SmackDown. Damian Priest, who displayed remarkable qualities in the ring, used his Twitter profile to pay homage to HHH.

“Triple H has had an impact on our business that is greater than any other person I've ever met in my life. He literally turned my career upside down and changed my life. I can never thank him enough!" wrote the former North American Champion of NXT.

After two years spent in the black and gold brand, Priest made his debut on the main roster, where he managed to get noticed in a very short time. He was in fact inserted into an intriguing storyline with rapper Bad Bunny at WrestleMania.

Cody Rhodes pays tribute to Triple H

Even Cody Rhodes, whose relationship with WWE has deteriorated considerably since the birth of AEW, has spent beautiful words for the King of Kings. “I don't know if it's right that I share them, but these words really come out of my heart.

Triple H is probably my favorite wrestler and he has been a role model as far as I'm concerned. He reminds me of my father, being one who went through the entire process to get to the top”. During AEW Dynamite 'Homecoming edition', Cody Rhodes and Malakai Black will compete in a match that has taken on more and more evocative contours with the passage of time.

This challenge will also mark Black's first outing in All Elite Wrestling. After shining at NXT under Triple H's leadership, Aleister was unable to repeat himself on the main roster (and was later released). Triple H has been a part of WWE for nearly three decades, and during his prolific career, he has captured multiple championships and defeated a lot of big names in the industry.

He was one of the focal points of the infamous Attitude Era, which helped put WWE's rival competition WCW out of business. The Game was also a member of some of the most popular groups in WWE history such as D-Generation X, Evolution, and The Authority.

He feuded with major stars such as The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton, with all three playing a defining role in his career.