Vince Russo is worried about Daniel Bryan

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Vince Russo is worried about Daniel Bryan

The possible transfer of Daniel Bryan from WWE to AEW is one of the most interesting topics in recent days. In addition to the name of the former WWE Champion, CM Punk is also circulating with insistence, who could make his return to the ring after the countless rumors that have occurred since the day of his retirement.

Although the leader of the 'Yes Movement' seems ready to start a new chapter in his career, former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo admitted he had some doubts about the success of this sensational operation. AEW shows are characterized by a really intense match pace, with superstars having to perform far more sequences than you see in WWE rings.

Most of AEW's matches are embellished with risky and spectacular moves, certainly not a comforting premise for an athlete suffering from so many physical problems like Bryan. The latter has in fact a rich history of concussions, so much so that he abandoned wrestling for a few years due to injuries.

Vince Russo reflects on Daniel Bryan

“My biggest concern with Daniel Bryan is that that style of fighting doesn't suit his current needs well. I believe his chances of getting hurt in an AEW ring are ten times higher than when he was in WWE.

I could be wrong, but this is my sincere opinion” - said Vince Russo. “Let's try to hypothesize what could happen. Let's say Daniel Bryan is scheduled for a match with the Young Bucks and his partner is Marko.

How could the Bucks do all those crazy sequences with him in the ring? The decision would be in the hands of the agent backstage. Let's hope he cares about Daniel's health. At the same time, Bryan would be new to the company, which could lead him to take excessive risks to prove his abilities," he added.

According to Dave Meltzer, Bryan had been in contact with AEW executives even before WrestleMania took place. Vince Russo continued to discuss the potential risk of Daniel Bryan's AEW signing and explained a hypothetical situation involving the Young Bucks.

Russo felt Daniel Bryan would be new to the AEW setup, so the respected wrestler might not turn down potentially dangerous spots. The former WWE writer added that the responsibility of ensuring Daniel Bryan's safety would lie in the backstage agent's hands.

AEW is known to have an intense in-ring style that features more moves when compared to WWE. Most high-profile AEW matches have had an element of risk, and Russo felt Daniel Bryan was more likely to get hurt in an AEW ring due to the company's in-ring approach.