Big E reveals how the WWE locker room reacted after his triumph

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Big E reveals how the WWE locker room reacted after his triumph

One of the most beautiful surprises in the latest Pay Per View of Money in the Bank certainly concerns the victory of the male Ladder Match and the consequent conquest of the briefcase by Big E. For months there had been discussions about a possible relaunch in the upper floors of the wrestler but WWE Universe fans had almost given up after the last disappointing results.

Instead, in the latest WWE Pay Per View, the former New Day member has beaten opponents on the card favorites like Drew McIntyre (cut out to be honest by Jinder Mahal) and Seth Rollins with whom Big E has dueled to the end.

Big E is the latest to win the men's Money in the Bank contract

The Unicorn gave a nice interview to GiveMeSport microphones and talked about the WWE backstage reaction to his victory, in particular the reaction of his great friends and former partners Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston.

Here are his words: "Guys, it was really overwhelming. Everyone was very nice and obviously Kofi and Xavier were the first to come to meet me. Honestly since Kofi was in a big event (the challenge with Bobby Lashley), I didn't expect them to be there, but the two of them are very kind to me.

In the backstage there is a blackboard in the male Locker Room, they left them a very nice message for me. Those guys were really very supportive for me, I wanted to publish that message but inside there were also joking swear words spoken between us and in the end we preferred to avoid them."

Continuing Big E revealed that Vince McMahon also had nice words and messages of encouragement for him. Then he commented like this: "Everyone has been really lovely to me, from the fans to all my colleagues. I think this is rare in wrestling, usually when one wins they split while now I haven't really seen anyone who has had negative reactions to my success.

It was a fantastic and special day for me." A fan on Booker T's Hall of Fame podcast wanted to see Big E use his contract on Bobby Lashley at SummerSlam. Booker T disagreed and feels that a match-up between the New Day member and Reigns makes more sense to him.

"Do I want to see Big E vs Lashley? That's the question. I don't know if I want to see Big E cash-in the Money in the Bank on Lashley. I don't know if that's the match - the marquee match-up - that I want to see Big E cash-in on.

If I was booking it, I would hold that card for a while just because I got to see the best match-up for Big E, more than anything. I don't think Big E and Bobby Lashley is going to be the greatest match-up, to get the greatest match. Big E vs Roman - man, I think we got something there," said Booker T.