Where will the Queen of the Ring final be held?

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Where will the Queen of the Ring final be held?

More and more details emerge on the Queen of the Ring tournament, which is the equivalent of the King of the Ring for women. In fact, this tournament is becoming more and more real for WWE, even if the company has not yet given an official announcement.

To summarize what we reported yesterday and a few days ago: According to reports from Wrestling Inc, WWE is planning a new women's project, namely the tournament to crown the queen of the ring, the Queen of the Ring which should arrive towards the end of 2021.

This is the statement: "Wrestling Inc. has learned that WWE will be hosting a Queen of the Ring tournament this year. We would have more details soon. According to reporter Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men Pro Wrestling podcast, the tournament to decree the queen of the ring will take place on October 8 for SmackDown and October 11 for Raw.

But there are further details that are very important from many points of view.

Where will the Queen of the Ring final be held?

As reported by colleague Andrew Zarian, cited above, through his Twitter account, the finals of the Queen of the Ring will not be held in the United States, but in Saudi Arabia.

These are the words written by the journalist: "I have heard that the current plans are to hold the finals of the Queen of the Ring in Saudi Arabia in October." This could certainly be revolutionary given the perception of women in Saudi Arabia, where unfortunately the rules are still very tough and women are often in danger.

But there could also be a negative reaction, with the male audience not happy to see a woman is considered a queen on land that sees women even inferior. Whatever happens, we hope that WWE will be able to guarantee the right safety for its athletes.

WWE has held many King of the Ring tournaments over the years, with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Harley Race and Booker T being some of the most popular names to have donned the royal mantle and crown. The current King of the Ring is former United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura, who dethroned the previous king, Baron Corbin, to capture the crown.

A royal tournament for the company's female counterparts has been long overdue, so it's great that we will finally get to see it happen. WWE's women's division is filled with a lot of talented stars such as Rhea Ripley, Bayley, Sasha Banks and Li Morgan. Every single one of them deserves this opportunity.