Is WWE Summerslam at risk?

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Is WWE Summerslam at risk?

After vaccinating almost the entire population of the United States, except the hardcore of the no-vax, WWE and all the American pro-wrestling companies have returned to smile after more than a year of indoor shows after the outbreak of the pandemic worldwide, which has held down the world entertainment markets like never before in history.

At the moment, both AEW and WWE have returned to offer their shows in front of a live audience, both for the ppv and for the weekly shows that air on the USA Network, on FOX and also on TNT. Apparently, the situation in the USA regarding the covid would be slowly worsening, a bit like in Italy and in the rest of the world and the presidents of the various states of the USA are beginning to close everything a bit, before a new one wave of infections that could always be devastating.

John Cena returned to WWE after being away for over a year at July's Money in the Bank pay-per-view, where he confronted Universal Champion Roman Reigns. It was initially reported that Cena would work through SummerSlam and have a match with Roman Reigns before leaving to film his next movie.

But it now appears that we will see more of the 16-time WWE Champion than we originally thought.

The latest news on 2021 SummerSlam

In the past few hours, the Reno Gazette-Journal has reissued the mandate of the state of Nevada, with which the president has given orders to return to wearing masks in all public places indoors, in Clark County.

The Allegiant Stadium, where SummerSlam will be held, is located right inside that county, but to all intents and purposes, with no overhead cover, the stadium turns out to be an outdoor venue, so should WWE opt to keep it at "open sky", there would be no obligation of a mask for fans who will come to attend the event live.

Apparently, the state of Nevada's said to have come to this conclusion for the simple fact that 80% of the new infections in recent weeks have come in full from the aforementioned county, so a brake had to be placed on the situation.

Although vaccinations have gone great throughout the USA, in the state of Nevada they stopped at a very sad threshold of 38% of the total population, a sign that sooner or later some other closure would have to come. At the moment it seems that Summerslam shouldn't have any problems, but in this situation, it is always better to keep your eyes open and remain on the lookout for who goes there, especially after what has happened in the last year and a half.