What does WWE have in mind for Big E?


What does WWE have in mind for Big E?

After seeing the New Day split come due to last year's Draft, with which Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods were drafted on Monday Night Raw and Big E remained in the Friday Night Smackdown rings alone, it was now clear. how WWE wanted to push the former NXT talent to a very important single career, with the victory of the Intercontinental title which was only the prelude to something much more important, which only came in time.

In this year's edition of Money in the Bank, in the homonymous match with the stairs dedicated to the men of the company, Big E beat characters such as Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre and thus managed to become for the first time in his life "Mr Money in the Bank".

The Money in the Bank contract could give Big E a boost

Dolph Ziggler believes Big E should have a say in his own WWE storylines after winning the 2021 Money in the Bank briefcase. In 2012, Ziggler joined forces with AJ Lee and Big E midway through his nine-month reign as Mr.

Money in the Bank. The WWE veteran went on to successfully cash in his contract on Alberto Del Rio during the post-WrestleMania 29 episode of RAW, winning the World Heavyweight Championship as a result. Immediately after his victory, apparently the WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon's said to have been in seventh heaven, with the Friday Night Smackdown fighter who wanted to tell his reaction to GiveMeSport's microphones, saying: "Yes, yes, I'm trying to remind myself specifically.

We had a short conversation afterwards. I'm trying to remember exactly what we said man. But he was very positive, very positive, he had a nice smile on his face. We talked for about thirty seconds or a minute and then we moved on.

There were a lot of things still to be done, people were pushing me in different directions, I had to do a couple of interviews right after, during the same evening. Dude, I would really like to give you a gem you can tell, but I don't remember exactly what we said to each other, but it was really positive.

I still remember all the reception of that match, the reaction, the ending, it was all very positive. I would like to have a quote for you, but unfortunately I don't remember." Dolph Ziggler, whose own Money in the Bank reign lasted 267 days, hopes Big E bides his time before cashing in his contract.

“God, I hope it’s 10 frigging months and he becomes a 10th version of himself that we know he can do,” Ziggler added. “Then you become the main-event player, then you become the John Cena, then you become the guy that when you are on the marquee, more people come. I think that can happen and I’m rooting for it to [happen]”.

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