Latest update on Sasha Banks' WWE return

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Latest update on Sasha Banks' WWE return

We haven't seen Friday Night Smackdown WWE superstar Sasha Banks from the main event on the first night of Wrestlemania 37 against Bianca Belair with The Legit Boss losing the title in one of the most meaningful and enjoyable matches of recent years as regards the female roster.

Since that time Sasha Banks has never been seen in a WWE ring again and WWE Universe fans can't wait for the wrestler to make her return to the ring. As far as we know Sasha Banks is absent from the WWE rings and shows due to a choice of the creative team who wanted to voluntarily keep her away from the title fight.

There are many fans waiting to see Sasha return just in time for SummerSlam and the latest rumors seem to reassure all the fans.

Sasha Banks has been on hiatus from WWE

Sasha Banks is expected to appear at a live show at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma and his return is being advertised directly on the official Arena website.

Here is the content: "WWE is back on tour and John Cena will be with her. For one night only watch your favorite Friday Night Smackdown Superstars at BOK CENTER on Friday, August 13. WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, female champion Bianca Belair, will be in attendance.

Rey Mysterio, Sasha Banks and many other phenomena of the ring." As appeared on this announcement, Sasha Banks is scheduled to return for the House Show on August 13th and fans will surely be thrilled to see the champion when she returns.

Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks had a great match in Wrestlemania 37 and became the first women of African American descent to compete in the Wrestlemania Main Event. Both gave their best showing their talent to the world and in the end, it was Belair who won and thus took the title.

The match between the two of them was awarded as the WWE Moment of the Year. Banks has been on hiatus from WWE with no apparent return date, but the former Women's Champion was recently listed as one of the featured stars of this year's SummerSlam on WWE's official website.

Bayley suffered an ACL injury ahead of Money in the Bank last weekend which led to her Women's Championship match being scrapped and Carmella instead being handed back-to-back opportunities. Bayley's injury means Bianca Belair has no challenger heading into SummerSlam, but both Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks are ready to make their return to the company.