The police offer a huge reward for a stolen item in the WWE ThunderDome

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The police offer a huge reward for a stolen item in the WWE ThunderDome

Until a few weeks ago, WWE continued to hold its weekly shows and PPVs inside the ThunderDome, which was moved from time to time from one arena to another when needed, but which has always helped. WWE to stage their shows even without a live audience.

The invention created by the technical staff of the Stamford-based company, in fact, made the public from home feel much more involved with the shows that were staged in the various arenas of the USA, if not in a direct way as would be done in a live show at least it has increased the interest of both those who were connected to one of the WWE screens, and those who watched the show from the comfort of the sofa at home without a webcam.

The theft at the WWE ThunderDome is still unpunished

As we reported a few months ago, inside the arena where the ThunderDome was built, there had been some thefts that initially passed unnoticed, where a boy with a lot of nonchalance, had stolen various props, even quite important and expensive.

, such as the Celtic cross of Sheamus, with which the Irish wrestler made his entrance on the WWE rings. Apparently, to date, after almost two months have passed since the facts in question, the WWE and the American police would still be on the trail of the thief, who in the meantime would not have lost any other clues, to make him understand his identity.

To ensure that the police are able to find the identity of the thief as soon as possible, a substantial reward would now also have been proposed for those who will give information about the identity of the person who committed the theft.

According to the latest social media messages from the county police concerned, WWE would give in case of useful information: $ 5,000 in cash, three WWE replica belts signed by different Superstars and a WWE signed corner pillow.

Not a bad reward for just having information about Sheamus's necklace and a few other items that WWE would absolutely want in its warehouses. The Thunderdome was also used to create great spots with wrestlers spilling safely into 'the crowd'

It also helped make Superstar entrances more interesting. WWE also used it to build storylines. Some of the storylines could only take place in the ThunderDome. Goldberg was seen on one of the screens while the company was trying to create hype about Roman Reigns vs Goldberg.

Drew McIntyre threw Sheamus onto the LED screens leading to sparks and explosions. The Retribution and The Fiend felt more legitimate. Bray Wyatt also cut a promo where he appeared as The Fiend and himself simultaneously. The ThunderDome was also used to create more emphasis on promos.