What are the plans for Karrion Kross on the WWE main roster?

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What are the plans for Karrion Kross on the WWE main roster?

In the last two episodes of Monday Night Raw, WWE wanted to present its NXT Champion to the whole world, in the ring as well as the flag show of the Stamford federation. At the first public occasion, however, Karrion Kross went sensationally to lose against Jeff Hardy, the historic and legendary WWE fighter, who with a roll-up of robbery defeated the mammoth champion of the yellow brand, sending him into a rage, just like WWE Universe fans, who expected a resounding victory from Kross instead.

Apparently, this defeat's said to be a message sent by Vince McMahon to someone inside the WWE backstage, with several insiders confirming that Vince doesn't care about NXT, much less the booking that takes place in the third roster of the company.

Karrion Kross lost to Jeff Hardy on his WWE RAW debut

Apparently, as revealed by Andrew Zarian in the latest episode of the Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast, the intention of the WWE booking team was to also lose Karrion Kross's rematch against Jeff Hady in last Monday's episode, but due to the positivity to the covid of the youngest of the Hardy brothers, the whole thing was blown.

Regarding this particular storyline, Zarian also mentioned the name of Scarlett, still never seen on Raw's television screens and that she should become very impotant for the NXT Champion, with the journalist who in fact stated: "Karrion Kross was slated to lose again to Jeff Hardy in their rematch and should finally have released the beast.

I'm not 100% sure, but I was told the plan was to let Karrion Kross keep losing, until Scarlett appeared. That would have brought him back on track because she is capable of releasing the warrior, or whatever they call him, the gladiator in him."

A very interesting storyline, which WWE could resume as soon as Jeff Hardy is back on the scene in a few weeks if only the booking team wanted. WWE Universe was excited to see Karrion Kross on WWE RAW last week, but they were left stunned when Jeff Hardy picked up the win.

Andrew Zarian was among the section of fans who felt the loss wasn't needed but agreed things need to play out before jumping to conclusions. “When I spoke to somebody over there they were like ‘yea I don’t understand why people are freaking out on the internet, it’s leading to something.

Why don’t people understand, we’re telling a story, the match doesn’t matter, the story matters.’ Those aren’t my words, I don’t agree that he should be losing but I also agree that sometimes we should let things play out,” Zarian said.