Vince McMahon talks about AEW

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Vince McMahon talks about AEW

A no holds barred war has been going on between WWE and AEW for months now, with several and very important characters from the past of the Stamford company who have moved to the AEW side of the USA, going to increase, thicken and strengthen the roster of the Khan family, grown notably in the last calendar year of the pandemic.

After the continuous releases by WWE of McMahon, All Elite Wrestling did not let several athletes escape, going to sign both big seeded players like Aleister Black and Jon Moxley, and other important mid-carders, like Rusev, Zack Ryder and many many others.

Now, the most sensational names that AEW fans await are those of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, who theoretically should appear as early as September on TNT's televisions, bringing down the arenas of Chicago and other major cities where they will appear.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was asked a number of questions on the WWE Q2 2021 earnings call with investors. Inevitably, one of the topics he was questioned on was Tony Khan's AEW.

Vince McMahon has built an empire with WWE

In its last conference call the WWE had with all the various commercial and equity partners, Vince McMahon also wanted to talk about the competitor AEW, saying that their work is not in the least comparable to that of the former WCW, which until the early 2000s had been at the same level as McMahon's WWF in every show and every market hit.

In full Vince McMahon style, the WWE patron would have said: "It's certainly not a WCW type situation where they were the rising star because that was when Ted Turner came after us with the Time Warner setup and all.

That was a different situation. The AEW is where it is. I have no idea what plans they have, I just know what our plans are. I don't see them as a competition like I did with WCW in the past, nowhere near that." In another juncture of the conference call, Vince mocked his "opponents" so much that he even went so far as to say: "I'm not sure where their investment has gone as far as talent is concerned, but as far as I'm concerned we could give them more."

Vince McMahon has built an empire with WWE. His business acumen cannot be overstated as he's ensured over the last 30 years that WWE is unanimously associated with the word wrestling. When Tony Khan conceptualized AEW, the vision was to take a chunk of the market share from Vince McMahon's juggernaut. AEW has done a stellar job so far with respect to its product, roster and ratings.