Maria Kanellis takes a shot at Triple H

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Maria Kanellis takes a shot at Triple H

Maria Kanellis is a highly regarded former WWE star who has had two stints in the Stamford federation. Her last run began in 2017 when she returned to Vince McMahon's federation after spending seven years in various promotions around the world.

While it was able to continue the shows during the pandemic, the harsh effects of an unprecedented situation have forced WWE to cut back in recent months. One of her victims was Maria, who received the news of her release last year.

In a recent interview with 'ITR Wrestling', Kanellis expressed her judgment on Triple H's claims that WWE has some of the best female wrestlers around.

Maria Kanellis slams Triple H

“You don't have to give a lot of weight to the words of Triple H.

He has to say that everyone wants to work in WWE and that the situation is more prosperous than ever. He's a WWE executive and that's his job. If I had to be 100% honest, I would have no difficulty admitting that WWE is no longer the ideal destination for so many athletes, that's not where they want to go to perform,” explained Maria Kanellis.

AEW President Tony Khan echoed her: “When Triple H says everyone wants to go and work at WWE, it's clearly a lie. There are several boys and girls who play in AEW and who have no desire to change the air ”- he ruled.

Triple H, who turned 52 a few days ago, received some beautiful greeting messages. Particularly touching was that of Cody Rhodes: “The Game is probably my favorite wrestler, as well as having always been my role model.

When I watch his rise, it reminds me so much of my father's. They both had to go through the process of getting to the top of this business. I'll never forget that storyline with him, Teddy and Shawn." Speaking to Matt Rehwoldt (f.k.a.

Aiden English) on the Straight Shooting podcast, Rawley said Triple H gave him a heads-up about working with Ryder. Regarding their tag team name, the 14-time WWE World Champion jokingly suggested The Hype Bros before promising to think of something else.

“Then he [Triple H] goes, and I’ll never forget this, he goes, ‘Yeah, you know, he’s the bro, you’re the hype. We’ll just put you guys together and, you know, you’ll be like… we’ll call you The Hype Bros or something.

Not that name – that name sucks – but we’ll come up with something better,’” Rawley said. “And it stuck! We never changed it! It was The Hype Bros, and he [Triple H] himself was like, ‘This name sucks, we’ll get you something better.’”