Bray Wyatt seems to be in great shape

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Bray Wyatt seems to be in great shape

It's been a long time since fans last saw Bray Wyatt on a WWE show, as the former Universal Champion has now been missing from the scene for nearly four months since WrestleMania 37. This has sparked a lot of questions about his account, also given the importance he has gained in the company in recent years.

And inevitably the wrestling fan community is wondering when he might be back. At present, it's not exactly clear when we might see Bray Wyatt again, but a new photo of him has popped up online, and it shows the Firefly FunHouse host in great shape.

Bray Wyatt last hit a wrestling ring at WrestleMania 37, where The Fiend was defeated by Randy Orton. However, the plan is different from the original ones. It was recently reported that the original plans were for The Fiend to defeat Orton at WrestleMania, but the plans have been changed.

It is also reported that no timetable has been set for Bray's return, but that the company is keeping him away from TV for a specific reason that has nothing to do with creativity.

Bray Wyatt's latest WWE feud was against Randy Orton

According to reports from many overseas sources, in fact, the former leader of the homonymous stable formed by the bearded WWE wrestlers (the Wyatt Family, in fact) would have been kept at home for the psychological problems encountered after the death of his brotherly friend Luke Harper, who was fighting under the name of Brodie Lee in the AEW rings, at the time of his departure.

If doubts had arisen in recent weeks regarding the continued absence of Bray Wyatt from the rings of Monday Night Raw, now the WWE would have included the wrestler in the list of athletes unavailable for "medical" reasons.

This does not necessarily mean that Bray Wyatt was injured, but it could mean that due to the psychological and therefore also physical situation of the wrestler, the former Universal Champion will continue to stay at home until he has resolved the problems that do not make him work and live well and in serenity, his commitment in the McMahon rings for the moment.

Bray Wyatt's latest WWE feud was against Randy Orton, which went on for over five months. The rivalry culminated at WrestleMania in April this year in a match between the two. The encounter didn't last long as just a few minutes into the match, The Fiend got distracted by Alexa Bliss who emerged out of a giant jack-in-a-box at ringside.

The momentary distraction was enough to give Orton enough time to recuperate, connect with an RKO and pick up the win. Instantly following the match, lights went out at Raymond James Stadium and by the time they came back, Bliss and Wyatt had disappeared.