New details about CM Punk's future revealed

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New details about CM Punk's future revealed
New details about CM Punk's future revealed (Provided by Wrestling World)

CM Punk has made headlines again in recent weeks, as increasingly persistent rumors claim the former WWE champion is ready to bond with AEW. The world of wrestling is in turmoil for a possible AEW debut of the Straight Edge, and a longtime friend of the Chicago athlete has spoken on the subject.

It's about "Heels" star Stephen Amell, who recently talked about what it was like to work with Punk on Busted Open Radio. Obviously also addressing the age-old theme of his return to the ring. According to Stephen Amell, it was great to work with the former WWE Champion and they shared some special moments on the show.

“Phil (Brooks, Punk's real name) came and it was a blessing. We had another actor, not a wrestler, set up for the role of Ricky Rabies, but from a programming standpoint it didn't work out. Suddenly, we had CM Punk on the show," Amell said.

"I got to train a bit with him. Phil was so good in and out of the ring that we ended up bringing him back to the show for the finale. Ricky Rabies and Jack Spade shared some bonding moments with Phil. Mainly in public toilets, but that's the same," he said.

Backstage News on CM Punk

Amell went on to say that he asked CM Punk about a potential return to the ring, and Punk simply responded with a photo of a cat shrugging. “I don't want to betray the things I talked about with Phil privately-he wanted to specify-.

I actually texted him when all this chatter exploded. I just wrote him 'So are you going back to wrestling?' And he sent me back a photo of a cat shrugging." There remains one aspect, on which Amell wanted to say clearly about him: on a physical and athletic level, CM Punk's return to wrestling is absolutely possible.

"As a general rule," he said, "Anything in the world of professional wrestling that can get Vince McMahon on a rampage and give his competitors breathing room is probably good for business. The one thing I know for sure is that Phil can still fight in a ring.

He's in great shape. I'd love to see those guys in AEW or WWE. Phil vs Triple H, you name it, that would be great." Andrew Zarian had the following to say in regards to Vince McMahon's backstage reaction to the two megastars possibly signing with AEW: “There’s a lot of rumors that Vince is very upset and management is very angry, how could they have these two go? I think Daniel Bryan is the disappointment for them, CM Punk not so much.

There’s no buzz that I’m hearing coming from the office side that ‘we f’d up by not signing him.’ There’s a lot of people that think his stock is not what it normally would be. They think his UFC losses hurt him.

A lot of people worked with him when he was very unhappy and I think that’s the memory that they have. I’m saying from management, not the talent. I think the talent knows what a big deal this is”.

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