Peacock arrives in Europe and the UK

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Peacock arrives in Europe and the UK

WWE officially began its collaboration with Peacock, the streaming platform, in March 2021, but only in the United States, while the rest of Europe and the UK remained with the WWE Network. The landing of the Stamford company on Peacock, however, was not so easy, in fact, the complaints of users are now on the agenda, with a service that works very badly especially during the PPV.

In fact, streaming often stops responding, as happened during Money In The Bank, with users who rightly rose up complaining on social media, before someone came to restore order by simply reloading the page. But now apparently the American friends will no longer feel alone in this adventure, in fact even Europe and the UK will salute the WWE Network in favor of Peacock.

Peacock currently has 54 million memberships

Deadline reported that Brian Roberts, the company's CEO, confirmed that Peacock currently has 54 million memberships with 20 million active accounts. These numbers were 50% higher than the company's latest forecast.

The CEO himself has communicated and confirmed that Peacock will arrive its first international territories within a few months. In the UK and Europe, Sky will roll out the streaming service as part of its offering to its 20 million customers at no additional cost.

Obviously there remains the question of what content we might have on Peacock, with the WWE Network performing much better and really full of interesting content that can be found easily. We also remind you that Peacock not only broadcasts wrestling, but also many very famous TV series all over the world, so the service would be expanded in terms of programming.

We hope that however things go the service can improve between now and when it also lands with us and be good for everyone in general because it is difficult to let go of the WWE Network. Given that Peacock is home to many more subscribers than the WWE Network, amassing around 22 million subscriptions in only its first six months, the move can only be seen as a positive and highly profitable one for WWE which will allow their product to be seen by a potentially much larger audience.

As well as taking to Twitter, WWE CBO Stephanie McMahon also released an official statement expressing her excitement and optimism at the new partnership between Peacock and WWE. In a move that shocked many, WWE announced today that the WWE Network will become exclusively available to the Peacock streaming service for users in the United States.