Is Jeff Jarrett still with WWE?

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Is Jeff Jarrett still with WWE?

In recent years, the name of Jeff Jarrett has disappeared a bit from the world of wrestling that matters, after having trod the rings around the world of the discipline and after having been the architect of multiple successes that have caused many headaches to WWE, in the over the years.

It is not a secret thing, in fact, that JJ was one of the main supporters of the late TNA, a company that today is called Impact Wrestling, which was created in part from the ashes of the WCW with those faces that in WWE did not want their own get into it, such as Sting.

Among the many projects made for Double J, there was also that GFW that never took off, which seemed to be a high profile company, with very important names of world-class wrestlers, which in the end turned out to be just a bit of a hole in the water.

Thanks to some of those experiments, however, the idea of ​​AEW would also be born, which nowadays really gives the McMahon-owned company a hard time.

Jarrett was allegedly searching for work with other promotions

Apparently, according to what is confirmed by the well-known site What Culture, WWE would have terminated the contract of its Hall of Famer a few months ago, in the indifference and general silence, with the member of the Ark of Glory of the WWE who would now be taking bookings in independent federations for a few weeks.

In fact, as reported at the bottom of the pages of the site: "According to our sources, the WWE Hall of Famer has already started taking bookings in other places, which means that he has already terminated his non-compete clause with the company.

What WWE's plans were to bring him back to the scene, at some point, is still uncertain at the moment." After his return to the rings in early 2019, Jeff Jarrett had disappeared from the WWE screens, with a new role for him backstage.

who had promised sparks, so much so that many joined him with Bruce Prichard, as one of the key figures of the creative team of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown. In the end, none of this happened, with the Stamford company preferring to release its Hall of Famer as well, making it fall within the budget cuts needed by the company.

In a year of massive personnel cuts that's seen tons of both in-ring and backstage talent released by the company, it's a pleasure to see a story like this. Especially about Jeff Jarrett, whose past with WWE has been tumultuous at best.

After WCW - where Jarrett had been working at the time - was purchased by WWE, he was infamously "fired" on-air by Vince McMahon himself. He would go on to co-found NWA-TNA (now known as Impact Wrestling), which became WWE's biggest competitor for some time.