What happened to Harry Smith?

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What happened to Harry Smith?

In recent years, several very important names in the pro-wrestling have moved away from or approached the Stamford company, among others: CM Punk and Goldberg or Bret Hart and Sting. Some of them have even returned to having matches in the WWE rings, after years of inactivity, only to stop permanently, or continue to work elsewhere, see Sting in AEW.

Apparently, many of these fighters are also said to have negotiated with the Stamford-based company their probable and possible return, but on the other hand, there'd been only a no at the end, due to problems that unfortunately the company could not foresee: see the world pandemic.

In the last period, one of the names that had been given for sure as a return to that of the WWE, was Harry Smith, former Tag Team champion of the federation, who for years was joined by Tyson Kidd and his wife Natalya, in the famous Hart Dynasty of the McMahon company.

There has been talk of a possible return of him for at least a year now, but up to now, there has been no trace of Smith.

Backstage News on Harry Smith

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, thanks to Dave Meltzer's huge industry presence, Harry Smith, known as Davey Boy Smith Jr in WWE, was expected to sign a contract to return to work with McMahons from April last year, but at the end, the signature would only arrive in April of this year.

The WWE would also have specifically requested the wrestler to cancel all his dates in the independent at which he was scheduled, with John Laurinaitis who would personally take care of the boarding of him, since the AEW had also contacted him to take him to the Dynamite rings.

Furthermore, according to Meltzer: "He had a meeting with Tony Khan at a party and Jim Ross has always been a sponsor of his in the company. The original idea was to bring him back to NXT UK and make him the top babyface on the roster, sending him into a feud against Walter.

for the title, but COVID changed everything. Laurinaitis really pushed hard to bring him back to the main roster instead and Vince wanted him at Smackdown." In the end, none of these plans materialized, with Smith still under contract with WWE, but still not finding a stable place to play.

reappear on tv. Harry Smith has, apparently, been signed to the company since April. WWE's Head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis, who was instrumental in bringing Smith back to the company, Laurinaitis had also lobbied hard for him to return to the main roster as opposed to NXT. Once that was approved, WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon decided Hart should be on SmackDown.