*Spoiler* Shocking turn heel for Sasha Banks


*Spoiler* Shocking turn heel for Sasha Banks

There has been an "air of comeback" in WWE for several weeks now, with the Stamford-based federation literally dosing their sensational surprises to be broadcast, episode after episode, in view of the most anticipated PPV of the whole summer: Summerslam.

As already stated several times, apparently, WWE's said to be willing to stage a very high-profile edition of Summerslam this year, with some insiders swearing that McMahon's summer Big Four this year. it will be more important and even more surprising than Wrestlemania, an event that has always been the flagship of the company.

From how things are going, in fact, both on Monday Night Raw and on Friday Night Smackdown, the Summerslam card begins to have really important names within it, such as those of Bill Goldberg, John Cena and many other tops name that until now had not been spotted in the McMahon-owned wrestling rings.

Sasha Banks made clear her intention to become SmackDown Women's Champion once again after she attacked Bianca Belair following the main event. Banks, who lost the title to Belair at WrestleMania, wants the championship back.

Sasha Banks made her return

In the episode of Smackdown aired tonight, Bianca Belair had a really bad time, since at the beginning of the episode the champion had appeared in front of her beloved audience to celebrate her 100 days as champion of the blue brand and in front of her the wrath of Carmella and Zelina Vega was found, with the only athlete who ran to her aid, which was the returning Sasha Banks.

Her Wrestlemania opponent, in fact, after several days of absence, returned with the favor of the public, going to help Belair in obvious difficulty, in front of the numerical inferiority, with the management of the federation that has thus organized a match more in there during the evening, where Bianca and Sasha, on the one hand, fought together against Smackdown's two heels.

In the end, everything was normal: Bianca and Sasha won their match, but while they were celebrating their victory, Sasha Banks returned to talk about herself, attacking the champion in a subtle way, with a Bank Statement and with yet another e savage Banks beating.

Apparently, Bianca Belair has thus already found her opponent for the federation's next big summer event. The Boss made her emphatic return to WWE midway through this week's episode of SmackDown. She saved Bianca Belair from a brutal attack at the hands of Carmella and Zelina Vega, making it seem as though her return to the company would be as a babyface.

Later in the night, Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair would team up in order to face Carmella and Zelina Vega in the main event.

Sasha Banks Smackdown