*Spoiler* Mia Yim returns to Raw once again


*Spoiler* Mia Yim returns to Raw once again

In recent months, the WWE has dedicated itself to some movements kept fairly on the down low, such as those from NXT to the main roster, but also vice versa, with some sensational hits that have however left their mark, such as the arrival of the NXT Champion on Monday Night Raw, which caused a lot of discussions almost only for the defeat at the hands of Jeff Hardy, in the first event of the red show in which Karrion Kross took part.

Although WWE uses the Draft event to move several of its athletes from one roster to another each year, using all three of the company's brands to make the famous roster changes that mix the cards a bit, to avoid always the same storylines and the same feuds, apparently, the McMahons would continue to work in silence also to move different athletes from one roster to another, after realizing that for them there are no plans in a given roster.

Mia Yim is arguably one of the best signings WWE has made in a long time. She's got an amazing look, she's incredibly talented - both on the mic and in the ring - and she's just plain cool. So when WWE brought her up to RAW last year it was… as part of a group and wearing a mask?

Latest update on Mia Yim's status

After seeing the dissolution of the Retribution stable, whose ending was really subdued and is considered a failure across the board, all the members of the stable have separated, with the exception of T-Bar and Mace, who still work as a couple in the rings of the red show.

If Mustafa Ali has now been diverted into a particular storyline with Mansoor, an Arab WWE athlete drafted on Monday Night Raw for a few months, as regards Mia Yim and former teammate, Slapjack, everything's still a complete mystery.

Initially, in fact, the two were silently moved to Smackdown, given that the plans for them on Monday Night Raw did not foresee anything after the dissolution of the Retribution and many expected that both Reckoning and Slapjack would return to be called with the old ones.

names, Mia Yim and Shane Torne, even taking off their masks and returning with their old gimmick or something new. In the end, in the last hours, the WWE with the graphics of its site confirmed how Mia Yim has returned instead to the ranks of Raw athletes, together with her partner Keith Lee, without any other information being given on the thing.

At the moment, however, there would be no news regarding the future of either of the two former Retribution athletes, with the total mystery gripping the next few months of the two within the WWE roster.

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