*Spoiler* Rey Mysterio faced Jimmy Uso

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*Spoiler* Rey Mysterio faced Jimmy Uso
*Spoiler* Rey Mysterio faced Jimmy Uso

The episode opens with the entry of John Cena! The Bostonian says Roman Reigns turned down his challenge using the excuse that he finds it boring, but if he has been entertaining the WWE Universe for 20 years, he surely isn't.

Legends like The Rock and Steve Austin haven't changed precisely because people already know them, know their deeds and know who they are. He will do the same, Cena is back as he once was and the truth is that the Tribal Chief fears him.

BARON CORBIN INTERVENES! What does it have to do with it? The former King says that Cena has made many dreams come true and now he needs help. John gives him a few dollars, but Corbin complains that they are few and calls him selfish.

Then you are looking for them, come on! Vin Diesel's future brother (yes, I know that said that makes little sense, but amen) replies that he has something that could serve him a lot, so he thinks well to put it on his shoulders and give him a nice Attitude Adjustment.

Indeed, an "attitude adjustment" to Baron could be helpful. Rey Mysterio vs Jimmy Uso. Good match, very balanced. In the final, Jimmy hangs on the ropes and Rey leaves for 619, but Jey intervenes and is hit by the Mexican's finisher.

Jimmy instead reacts, but ... REY'S ROLLUP! .. 1 ... Dominik helps his father without being seen by the referee during the pin ... 2 ... 3! Not a very clean victory for the luchador. Who will be the next title contender?

Rey Mysterio faced Jimmy Uso on SmackDown

Rey Mysterio faced Jimmy Uso on SmackDown this week while Dominik Mysterio promised to keep an eye out for Jey Uso.

It was a fast-paced, action-packed match-up that saw luchador legend Rey Mysterio pick up the victory thanks to a smart assist from his son. It was done the same way that The Usos have been using to get their victories - with one brother sticking their leg in to force a pinfall.

It felt like the Mysterios got even, but that won't happen until they regain the SmackDown Tag Team Championship, presumably at SummerSlam 2021. Bianca Belair joins Kayla Braxton in the ring! Bianca is here to celebrate her first 100 days as a champion, so she says she is excited and thanks, everyone.

CARMELLA ARRIVES FIRST AND THEN ZELINA VEGA! Both ask for a titled match and Belair accepts Vega's proposal, but she is attacked by both challengers. IT'S BOSS TIME! STEPS SASHA BANKS! The Boss is back and makes a clean sweep, and then hugs Bianca.

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