*Spoiler* Reggie defends his title


*Spoiler* Reggie defends his title

Reginald is taking the title to another level, he continues to defend the belt in '' normal '' matches (which had rarely happened) and in addition, he is of impressive agility. From the point of view of wrestling Gable is certainly a cut above, but Carmella's former sommelier almost always lands on his feet and in the end, he risks winning after a flight from the stake, so much so that Otis is forced to intervene.

DISQUALIFICATION! While only now I notice that his name has been officially shortened to Reggie, the boy escapes from the clutches of the Alpha Academy and keeps the belt. Reggie returned on WWE SmackDown tonight as the 24/7 Champion and faced Chad Gable in the title match.

Their match started well and allowed both superstars to showcase their respective strengths. However, their bout ended with an unnecessary disqualification when Otis interfered and attacked the champion. Now, the creative team’s idea behind the booking might have been good.

Reggie returned on WWE SmackDown tonight

Otis could have attacked Reggie after the match, and it would still have been a believable heel move. Moreover, the interference made Gable look weak. The Alpha Academy should be actively competing in the tag team division of WWE SmackDown.

But if they will be involved in 24/7championships matches, then at least the writers should protect their credibility until their next feud. Backstage Sonya Deville tells Adam Pearce and all of us that the main event of the evening will be a women's tag team match that will see Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks clash with Carmella and Zelina Vega.

Pearce, as always, listens and is completely useless. The signing of the contract - Universal Championship Contract Signing! Roman Reigns and Finn Balor show up in the ring. Reigns praises his rival, but then says he is convinced that he will win and send Balor back to NXT.

As the audience cheers in favor of John Cena, Finn replies that he wouldn't mind returning to NXT, but he could do it by taking the Universal Title with him. Roman signs and... BARON CORBIN STRIKES BALOR! The former King takes the contract, but ...

THIS IS JOHN DINNER! The leader of the Cenation gets rid of Corbin, then he takes the contract and signs it. It doesn't seem very legal to me but, knowing WWE, I think it can be done. A few good matches on WWE SmackDown and RAW can undoubtedly help elevate his current position on the roster.