When will Natalya return to the ring?

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When will Natalya return to the ring?

On July 27, 2021, we reported that in the last episode of Monday Night Raw, the tag team champions of the main roster Natalya and Tamina were called to do their duty as fighters against Eva Marie and Doudrop, with the two champions who won their match, despite Natalya suffering an injury to her ankle.

After the victory, the fans realized that something was wrong with Natalya, with the champion who was accompanied backstage under the arm by Tamina and who is presumed to be an assistant, so as not to tire her ankle. Later our colleague Dave Meltzer had given us a couple of updates, the first was that apparently, the injury was something quite serious: “But without a shadow of a doubt, it's very serious as a thing, because if it wasn't, she would at least be able to walk alone."

Recently, however, Meltzer let us know that the Canadian, following an MRI scan after the match on Raw, had checked her condition with the doctors, establishing an absence of only a few weeks.

Natalya discusses her injury

In the aftermath of this week's edition of Monday Night RAW, Natalya took to Twitter to provide an update on her injury.

In a recent tweet, the reigning WWE Women's Tag Team Champion thanked everyone for their kind messages after RAW. Natalya also wrote that there are beatings that one can plan for and some that one cannot prepare for. However, the WWE Women's Tag Team Champion is willing to give her absolute best and put everything on the line to continue to do what she loves.

A few days ago the queen of hearts let us know, again via social media, that she feels indestructible with this message: "Thank you all for the kind words about what happened on Raw. There are setbacks that you can predict and others that you can't.

This is our job. I'm willing to sacrifice bones, muscles and tendons to do what I love to do. Good things, I'm INDESTRUCTIBLE." While recently Natalya posted this message attaching a photo of her with her husband TJ Wilson: "Today my surgeon told me that I am an anomaly.

It was a busy week, to say the least. All I asked for was to be quickly reinstated in battle. Surgery will cure me, defending our titles will guide me. #INDESTRUCTIBLE" WWE has also made it known that there will be more updates in the August 2 episode of Monday Night Raw.