A back injury partially paralyzed Braun Strowman

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A back injury partially paralyzed Braun Strowman
A back injury partially paralyzed Braun Strowman (Provided by Wrestling World)

One of the most surprising and sensational WWE releases of all this 2021, which has been on the lips of all WWE Universe fans for weeks, is that of the federation's former Universal Champion: Braun Strowman. After a formidable ascending parable, starting from the split of the Wyatt Family, with the mammoth athlete former NXT who had grown out of all proportion, even reaching an impeccable physical shape, Strowman had not managed to reach the plans that matter for the WWE, having to wait until the chance of a lifetime, at Wrestlemania 36, when an outgoing Roman Reigns handed over the Smackdown scepter to him.

Probably, if Reigns hadn't been absent from the company's TV screens due to Covid, Braun Strowman would never have even won the world blue show belt against Goldberg, continuing on his path, made up of titled occasions always nuanced in one way or another.

Braun Strowman was let go by WWE in June

In one of his last workouts, taken by a fellow in fatigue in a gym in the USA, the WWE Monster Among Men wanted to reveal to a fan present in the gym how an injury he suffered in 2015, forced him to do rehabilitations at a leg, which, however, has never returned to the way it was before.

Due to the back injury, Braun Strowman received a partial paralysis of 15% in his left leg. These were the words of the former Universal Champion then ended up on Instagram: "My friend my best days as a weight lifter are in the past now since my injury in 2015.

My left leg is paralyzed around 15%." Due to this bad back injury, which then also had repercussions on the leg of the now (momentarily) former WWE wrestler, apparently, Braun Strowman could not do all of them anymore. the things he did before, with weightlifting being one of them.

Unfortunately, in the life of a wrestler, this and many other problems could be on the agenda, with Strowman being in a very similar position to many other colleagues, such as Hulk Hogan or Kurt Angle, much older than him though.

Braun Strowman has always had nothing but respect for Bray Wyatt and has praised him in various interviews in the past. Back in 2020, Strowman opened up about how Bray helped him with valuable advice at every step: ''You learn how to do so much of this behind the scenes,” said Strowman.

“You learn on those long car rides after shows. There were so many nights I scr***d up, and we’d talk about that. Then there were other nights, when the notes landed right, like a 'Freebird' solo, and we’d talk about that feeling of accomplishment and excitement.' '

Braun Strowman