*Spoiler* Alexa Bliss has reacted to Bray Wyatt's release with a message

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*Spoiler* Alexa Bliss has reacted to Bray Wyatt's release with a message

The news that shocked the WWE Universe and that we reported a little while ago was that of the dismissal of one of the faces that had conquered fans the most in recent years, namely Bray Wyatt. After 12 years in the company, the release of The Fiend's alter ego took not only the audience by surprise but also the insiders.

Among the colleagues of the Brooksville athlete, some are already sharing their thoughts on what happened through social media and among the first could obviously not miss the reaction of Alexa Bliss, the girl who (in storyline) was the only friend but also the greatest weakness of the Demon.

Like many of us, Lexi was speechless and thanked her friend and colleague for the time spent together, confirming that she had a great time working with him and that she is a great person even outside the ring. Recall that the last appearance in WWE of Bray, in a demonic version, dates back to more than three months ago, when he was defeated at Wrestlemania 37 by Randy Orton just because of his turnaround former ally Alexa Bliss.

Bliss had initially managed to somehow bring out the human side of the Fiend, but in the end she had proved perhaps even more demonic than her 'Master'

Alexa Bliss couldn't put her feelings into words

Alexa Bliss has reacted to Bray Wyatt's WWE release with a heartbreaking message she ditched her on-screen gimmick for the message ick and addressed the former world champion by his real name.

Another athlete who couldn't ignore it is Braun Strowman, the black sheep of the Family, recently also released by the Stamford federation. Unforgettable the segments between the two, with the monster among men who made his debut as an ally of Wyatt and then made a career, going so far as to defeat his leader and keeping the Universal title at Money In The Bank last year.

His comment was perhaps less emotional, but full of meaning. Braun has in fact simply shared on Twitter the image of a hug between him and the former leader of the stable with the words "Brother, I'm waiting for you."

After the tragic death of Luke Harper (Brodie Lee in AEW) and the firing of Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman later, Bray was the only survivor in WWE of the Wyatt Family. Now that he too is out of the Stamford-based federation and that his ''brother'' has called him back, will we see at least part of the stable reform perhaps elsewhere? Bray Wyatt last appeared on WWE TV almost four months ago on the RAW after WrestleMania 37.

Meanwhile, Alexa Bliss has continued to portray her character in Wyatt's absence, and she even introduced a doll, Lily.