Paige has provided a major update on her health

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Paige has provided a major update on her health

In recent years, several WWE wrestlers have had to retire due to major injuries, such as Edge, Daniel Bryan, Tyson Kidd or Paige. Fortunately, some of them, like Bryan and Edge, managed to get back in shape for the McMahon rings, after years of therapies and operations, which have meant that the situation has changed since they had instead had to retire, it seemed, for life.

After the "miraculous" returns of Edge and Bryan, there would now also be hope for Paige, the former NXT and main roster champion, who unfortunately had to leave over the last four years due to a bad neck problem, the physical action in the WWE rings, after the nasty kick given to her back by Sasha Banks, in a fortuitous whiplash that would never allow her to get back on the pro-wrestling rings.

Paige is a former NXT Champion

In one of his latest messages posted on the well-known social Twitter, the ex-girlfriend of Alberto Del Rio, with whom he had a stormy and tiring love affair for a few years, wanted to make it known to fans that his physical situation is definitely improved in the last period, so much so that she went back to doing exercises in the gym with the painful part of the body, without effort.

In her message, Paige revealed: "You guys, I'm getting stronger. I went back to lifting 185 lbs. I know it's not a lot but it's a big event for me as I was worried about going back to the gym doing different things because of my neck.

But my neck is great now. I am very proud of myself." After all these great words of optimism, the toto-comeback among the fans immediately took off, with many of the WWE Universe fans who are now already pushing with the girl to return to training and maybe do the her return to the McMahon rings after four years of inactivity, as happened with Bryan and Edge before her.

Paige is a former NXT Champion and 2-time Divas Champion. She had a long and promising career ahead of her but everything suddenly came to a halt when she suffered a neck injury during a house show in 2017. Paige was used by WWE as an on-screen authority figure following her retirement.

She also managed The Kabuki Warriors (Asuka and Kairi Sane) for a short while on WWE SmackDown. Paige later became a mainstay on WWE Backstage on FS1.