*Spoiler* How long has WWE been thinking about releasing Bray Wyatt?

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*Spoiler* How long has WWE been thinking about releasing Bray Wyatt?

In the last few hours there has been nothing but talk of Bray Wyatt and his dismissal arrived yesterday evening, which infuriated the WWE Universe fans, who had been waiting for him for months, after seeing him in his last match in that of Wrestlemania 37 and after not hearing anything about him for months.

After going through a truly terrible time on a personal level, with the death of brotherly friend Brodie Lee literally sending him into a deep personal psychological crisis, Bray Wyatt had been absent from the company's TV screens for months, with the executives who initially had welcomed his absence with great calmness and serenity, going to meet him in every way.

With the passage of time, however, apparently the relationship between the two parties would have started to wear out a bit, with the personal relationship between Vince and the athlete himself who would have started to derail, until the final straw that broke the vase and thus also triggered the dismissal.

Bray Wyatt's WWE release was a budget cut

Apparently, according to what was reported in the latest episode of the overseas podcast, the Fightful Select, the management of WWE was already speculating on his release in the latest wave of important layoffs arrived in recent months, or the one in which they had already been.

included Braun Strowman, Lana and Aleister Black. To the microphones of the important podcast of the USA, in fact, it was said: "Bray Wyatt's name was currently being considered in another round of cuts. There were a lot of other athletes that had been discussed, but they stopped in the end."

Apparently, although Wyatt's name was one of the biggest names to be released on other occasions, WWE would have hoped until in the end to recover one of the greatest characters of recent years, with the Fiend that had managed to attract so much attention from the whole audience, even those who usually do not follow pro-wrestling, that the executives turned a blind eye several times about its absence.

PWInsider additionally reported that the reactions across the board in the WWE were that of shock as Bray Wyatt's t-shirt and action figures were a hot-seller for the WWE. Here's an excerpt from PWInsider's report: To say that the reaction within the company was stunned would be a massive understatement given how plugged into licensing the Wyatt character has been in recent years. The Fiend had been a massive hit for t-shirts and action figures.