Mick Foley accuses WWE of losing a lot by releasing Bray Wyatt

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Mick Foley accuses WWE of losing a lot by releasing Bray Wyatt

The world of the WWE Universe is still upset. After the sensational news arrived in the Italian evening on all the most important pro-wrestling sites, or the dismissal by the McMahons of Bray Wyatt, now the inside Universe of the number one company in the world is on a war footing against the entire federation and against the movement that the McMahons were going to start lately.

After having fired over 300 employees over the course of fewer than two years, the McMahons would literally have started an "in or out" campaign, starting to do without important wrestlers, such as Wyatt himself, Braun Strowman, Aleister Black and many others.

All this, however, although shareable with a company like WWE, did not go down to the federation insiders, with several very important names who had their say, even regardless of the thought of Vince McMahon and associates after their utterances and among them is WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley.

Mick Foley opens up on Bray Wyatt

After giving his blessing to Wyatt's alter ego to use his historic Mandible Claw, Mick Foley also wanted to share his thoughts on his Twitter pages, after reading about the dismissal of the former Universal Champion.

With a very important message to Bray Wyatt, Foley wrote: "With the WWE release of Bray Wyatt, the company has lost a true visionary and creative genius; one of the most innovative creators pro-wrestling mayhem has ever seen.

Here it is hoped that Bray finds happiness and that he recreates himself once again - in wrestling, in life... or both." A great message of positivity as well as great compliments from one of the increasingly popular character creators.

as varied as WWE history and pro-wrestling, in general, has ever known. Bray Wyatt had been designated by many fans as the worthy heir of Foley in the WWE rings. On the segment on last night's show, former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre crashed his current rival Jinder Mahal's in-ring birthday celebration.

Mahal teased McIntyre over the events of this weekend's men's Money in the Bank ladder match, where himself, Veer and Shanky took out the Scottish star and removed him from the match. McIntyre then attacked the trio, and as Mahal and Veer left the ring, he unleashed his anger onto Veer, hitting him with 20 chair shots as the crowd counted along.

Mick Foley and Drew McIntyre have crossed paths multiple times throughout their careers. Back in May of this year, McIntyre shared a set of throwback photos of himself and Mick Foley to his Twitter account.