The conflict between WWE and AEW continues

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The conflict between WWE and AEW continues

What has been happening lately in WWE has surprised and particularly shocked all fans of the WWE Universe. The release of Bray Wyatt came almost like a bolt from the blue with yet another surprising release announced by WWE has arrived in this encompassing period of the pandemic.

WWE has made several surprise releases in recent months, and Wyatt is just the latest of them. Several wrestlers who left WWE have recently signed up with All Elite Wrestling, Tony Khan's company that appears to be increasingly growing.

In recent days, All Elite Wrestling has been involved in a controversy with a well-known pizza chain, Domino's Pizza and even recent rumors have arrived that see the WWE involved with the federation of Vince McMahon that would have pushed to create the controversy.

As reported by PWInsider, there is no way to know if WWE is really behind this controversy even if the doubt is there. In February 2020, Matt Hardy was briefly involved in the feud between Edge and Randy Orton. He confronted Orton on two consecutive RAWs and was brutally attacked on both occasions.

Both times, The Viper targeted Hardy's neck, which was possibly a way of writing him off WWE TV. In March, Matt Hardy announced his departure from WWE, stating that he believed he had more to give creatively. Just weeks later he showed up on the March 18 episode of AEW Dynamite.

The conflict between WWE and AEW continues

During the recent investor conference, Vince McMahon tried to downplay what AEW is doing and in particular made the following statements: "It's not a situation like the one with WCW where they were the rising star because it was there.

a different situation while the AEW is where it is. I have no idea what their plans are, but I know our plans, I do not consider them in competition and not even close to us." In another juncture of the conference call, even Vince almost mocked his opponents, going so far as to say:" I'm not sure where did their investments go with regards to talents but as far as I am concerned we could grant them still others."

The reality instead appears different and according to what was reported by Mike Johnson in WWE there are executives worried that AEW is taking superstars released by their company and indeed these executives have asked to stir up the story between AEW and Domino's Pizza.

Moments ago, WWE officially released Bray Wyatt. Since then, many famous wrestling personalities across different brands have reacted to the release, including Matt Hardy. Hardy took to Twitter to simply post a gif from WrestleMania 32 when the two embraced after Hardy won the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.