WWE has considered adding an hour to SmackDown

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WWE has considered adding an hour to SmackDown

In recent years, WWE has had to come up with several novelties to go against the competition of AEW, with the number two company of America, which has only grown since its creation, becoming an increasingly solid company, with a very strong fan base.

very important. After seeing several prominent wrestlers make the transition from McMahon's company to Khan's, with really illustrious names like Aleister Black, Big Show, Mark Henry or Christian, jump on the boat of America's number two company, now it seems that even two names that were literally impossible until a few months ago seem to have signed with the All Elite: we are talking about Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.

Should the two show up on Dynamite's rings or on those of some important upcoming PPV, such as All Out, then the pro-wrestling players could really make an important choice on what to follow assiduously every week, with a new show to come.

shortly presented by the AEW, or rather Rampage, which will be like the AEW SmackDown.

WWE Smackdown was supposed to be a total of three hours

According to what Dave Meltzer revealed in the last few hours, in one of the usual Wrestling Observer newsletters, the management of WWE, in agreement with FOX, would have thought several times in the past to arrive at a three-hour show, just as it already happens.

with the company's flagship product, which is Raw. In fact, to the microphones of his Newsletter, Meltzer declared: "Rampage debuts on August 13th and then some new ideas could come out. Old Vince McMahon would have put an extra hour into SmackDown on FS1 because it had been discussed before.

When the idea of ​​Rampage wasn't there yet and this is a well-established thing by now, let's talk about a year ago, the idea was to move Smackdown from 10 pm, over a year ago, who knows what WWE did he already know or did he not know?"

Apparently, the WWE had discussed these plans with FOX, but Smackdown should have aired on FS1, due to the schedule now stopped for years of the number one sports channel of America, which in the same time slot instead had the news bulletin.

We'll see if we come up with some kind of different agreement in the coming weeks, but for the moment, nothing will change with the schedules of the two main WWE shows. Just like last week, WWE SmackDown opened with a John Cena promo.

He continued to trash Roman Reigns and made some clever and not-so-clever comebacks. Baron Corbin, who has been one of the highlights of SmackDown lately, interfered and John Cena couldn't even recognize him. It was only when Corbin went up close that he realized it was his SummerSlam 2017 opponent. Not wanting to kick a man while he was down, he gave Corbin whatever little cash he had in his pocket.