*Spoiler* The extent of Natalya's injury revealed

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*Spoiler* The extent of Natalya's injury revealed

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw which aired exactly a week ago, Natalya suffered a very bad leg injury, when Doudrop, better known in the past as Piper Niven, literally ran over her, hitting her right ankle and making her do it.

a decidedly unnatural turn of the joint. Already from the first second, it seemed that the injury was very serious, with the WWE management and its medical staff immediately thinking of a very important fracture or laceration, which kept the Tag Team champion of the main roster out.

of the company for quite some time. The injury immediately appeared serious, since the girl was accompanied by two people backstage, unable to walk alone on her leg that she had suffered the injury. The concern of the fans of the beautiful heir of the Hart family, was therefore that now Natalya could stop for weeks, or even months, before being able to fully recover from her physical problem.

New details on Natalya

Over the last few days, Natalya would have immediately undergone all the necessary visits and x-rays, with a film that would also end up on her Twitter account and which should have dispelled all the doubts and concerns of her fans regarding her.

health. With her latest tweet, Natalya said: "Heart of IRON, a belt of GOLD, bones of STEEL" Apparently, it would seem from the X-ray that there is no obvious fracture to Natalya's leg, so the problem currently gripping Raw's Canadian could be muscle or tendon.

However, we will know more in the next episode of Monday Night Raw which will air tonight, as always on USA Network, with the WWE that will decide whether to tear the belts from the two champions, to then put them back up for grabs in other contexts or whether to wait for the return of the Canadian to the WWE once she's recovered from the injury.

Speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Rick Ucchino, Natalya said it would be “really cool” to see WWE’s women’s division take another step forward. “Coming from The Queen of Harts, the original Queen of Harts, my grandmother Helen was the first Queen of Harts in the Hart family, but of course I’m carrying the torch,” Natalya said.

“But that would be really cool. Any time the women get an opportunity in WWE to do something awesome, whether it’s Evolution, whether it’s the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble, the first-ever women’s TLC match, ladder match or tables match, it is so cool to see new opportunities for women”.