WWE insiders don't believe the reason for Bray Wyatt's release

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WWE insiders don't believe the reason for Bray Wyatt's release

Bray Wyatt is no longer a WWE employee. On Saturday, the WWE confirmed with its usual telegraphic announcement that its relationship with the former leader of the Wyatt Family, as well as with the inventor of the character of the Fiend had been terminated, because of budget cuts for the company.

Right from the start, WWE Universe fans seemed very suspicious as motivation, so much so that many fans of the company flocked to social media, taking insults and bad words to the executives of the McMahon-owned company after yet another dismissal came like lightning out of the blue.

In fact, in recent months, in addition to Wyatt, WWE has wanted to do without many famous people who apparently either cost too much or no longer had lifeblood in the McMahon rings, such as Braun Strowman, Aleister Black, Lana or Murphy, all athletes used until a few weeks before in the ring and then fired.

Bray Wyatt is no longer a WWE employee

Apparently, although the management continues to hide behind these alleged budget cuts for its layoffs, fans and insiders would not believe it in the least, also because Bray Wyatt was one who has always made a lot of money for the company, from day one.

As reported in the latest episode of the Fightful Select podcast, in fact, the well-known overseas journalists declared: "A general consensus is that hardly anyone really believes WWE made this move to cut the budget, citing Wyatt's populace and its merchandise sales as reasons."

After creating the Fiend, Wyatt would in fact become one of the highest-selling wrestlers of the entire McMahon federation, complete with a replica belt with the demon face, which was sold for several thousand dollars apiece.

Eventually, WWE decided to fire him anyway, despite the fact that he was a goldmine for the federation. We will see if in some time the company will try to take it back anyway, as it did with Zelina Vega or as it seems they are doing with Braun Strowman, otherwise we will see future projects outside the McMahons that Windham Rotunda will bring to some other ring of global importance.

Several WWE stars have received their releases due to finances in recent months, including Aleister Black and Braun Strowman. According to the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, Bray Wyatt is the latest high-profile name to be released for that reason.

Meltzer also reported that the 34-year-old was preparing to return in August after almost four months away from WWE television. He had even been booked on some WWE shows.