Braun Strowman still teases fans about his future

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Braun Strowman still teases fans about his future

Probably the most sensational name of all the releases made by WWE from last year until now was that of Braun Strowman, former Universal champion of the Stamford company, who ended up in the latest wave of releases by WWE along with others distinguished colleagues such as Lana and Aleister Black.

If for Black the shock was a lot, given that the athlete had just returned on-screen to work with Big E, for Strowman the situation was a little different since the wrestler had not found more space for a while on the television screens.

on Monday Night Raw, but his firing came surprisingly nonetheless, with fans truly shocked by the news. Since his departure, nothing has been heard of Monster Among Men, neither about future projects outside the WWE nor about any agreements made with other world pro-wrestling companies.

The only news that arrived about Strowman was his almost crazy requests for a booking in the independents, with the giant bearded WWE asking at least $ 20,000 per appearance or the news about a possible interest by the company in his reinstatement.

Braun Strowman was recently let go by WWE

Former WWE Superstar Braun Strowman made a major tease in regards to Bray Wyatt shortly after the latter's WWE release. Bray Wyatt has been released by WWE. One of the greatest wrestling minds of the modern era is no longer affiliated with Vince McMahon's company and his release came as a big surprise to the WWE Universe.

Apparently, the situation now could be very delicate, because in addition to the WWE, to be interested in the in-ring performances of the Monster Among Men there could also be the All Elite Wrestling of the Khan family, which has recently bought up many former WWE wrestlers like Malakai Black, Chavo Guerrero, Andrade and many others.

According to some WWE internal sources, several executives are pushing for WWE to reprise Braun Strowman as soon as possible, before the end of his non-competition clause, to prevent him from ending up on the roster of various Chris Jericho, Cody Rhodes and all the others.

Apparently, at the moment, some requests may have arrived at Strowman's address, given that the former world champion of the Smackdown rings wanted to post the following message on his official Twitter profile, with which he teased the imagination of his fans, as always: What will the former WWE Universal Champion choose? Whether to return to WWE? Whether to land in the AEW rings? Whether to quit wrestling forever? Posterity will judge.