*Spoiler* Becky Lynch shows off a new look

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*Spoiler* Becky Lynch shows off a new look

The hope of fans continues to see Becky Lynch back in the WWE ring as soon as possible, with a women's division that is suffering a bit after undergoing so many changes. In fact, between layoffs and injuries, with only Charlotte Flair of the Four Horsewomen remaining in the company for now in an active way, Becky Lynch is really crucial at this point, especially with a live audience.

For months now we have been predicting his return: Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Money in the Bank, Summerslam... but this Becky Lynch does nothing but troll us on social media and then disappear, with everyone who must become investigators to understand or not actually if she will return, when it will return and where it will return.

Recently, Sean Ross Sapp of Fighful reported that we could see her again in a brand that is not Raw, with a high possibility that she will be able to land in SmackDown to be with her husband Seth Rollins.

Becky Lynch shows off a new look

Recently, a photo of Becky Lynch was posted by a hairdresser, specifically, Audi Leingang, who has a salon in Illinois, which is one of the states bordering Iowa, where Becky and Seth live, has started circulating on social networks.

together at present. The photo shows Becky Lynch in profile with very long, fiery red hair, very similar to what she had of hers in her Lass Kicker period. Becky Lynch in fact during her pregnancy had stopped dyeing them making them almost blond.

Despite his Irish origins, in fact, The Man by birth has dark brown hair, which is obviously between bleaching and then red dyes, when he stopped dyeing they simply lightened. Obviously, this new look has aroused a lot of interest from fans who have thought that the former double Champ could be ready to return to the WWE ring and give us great new feats.

Many, however, given this more fiery color are wondering: will he return as The Man or as Lass Kicker? Who knows... This caught some people by surprise, according to Sean Ross Sapp on the Fightful RAW Review. He also noted that Lynch might be heading to a different brand, which would likely be SmackDown considering her immense star power: "That match (RAW Women's Title triple threat) being made for SummerSlam was a bit of a surprise.

A lot of people were expecting Becky to be back, but word is she might be heading to a different brand. So, who knows, but they need her back bad," said Sapp.