Huge WWE star slams Roman Reigns

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Huge WWE star slams Roman Reigns

What WWE Universal Champion and WWE Tribal Chief Roman Reigns has done in the last year or so is certainly unbelievable. The wrestler brought forward, with the help of the family and the Mad Genius of the Paul Heyman company, an incredible character and still today dominates not only at Friday Night Smackdown but throughout the main roster.

We are obviously talking about the best Heel of the WWE and the leading character of the WWE. A recent lead character in Money in the Bank Pay Per View, the winner of the Big E briefcase took a dig at SmackDown's Big Dog.

Big E opens up on Roman Reigns

Speaking to the microphones of SportBible Big E he talked about how Roman Reigns was the vainest superstar of the entire WWE and on the Big E reason he clarified: "Who is the vain superstar? I guess that's a pretty obvious answer, let's talk about Roman Reigns.

From the way he behaves, he makes it all obvious." During the interview, Big E also discussed who he considers the most interesting opponents both in the single and in the Tag Team. Here are his answers: "My favorite Tag Team as an opponent is the Usos while in the single my favorite opponent is Apollo Crews, it's easy.

He is an extremely talented wrestler and I realized that once again in the recent period where we faced each other." After the victory at Money in the Bank, many possibilities have been discussed about the future of Big E and many believe that sooner or later the former New Day member will exercise the briefcase to attack the SmackDown Tribal Chief by surprise.

Another interesting option could be a reunion on Monday Night Raw with Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston with these two who could help him conquer the title against WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, holder of the title for several months.

Courtesy of his suspension, Roman Reigns was absent from WWE TV during the entire buildup to Battleground. Reigns made his return to WWE at Battleground but failed to win the title. Moxley came out for the match with the WWE title on his shoulder and left the building with the coveted belt still in his hands.

It has been a while since Roman Reigns made the mistake of violating WWE's talent wellness policy. He has grown as an in-ring performer as well as a human being and has learnt from his past mistakes.