*Spoiler* Adam Cole's contract with WWE will expire

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*Spoiler* Adam Cole's contract with WWE will expire

Unfortunately, or fortunately for some, the Undisputed Era broke up after dominating NXT since its debut in the summer of 2017, winning several single and duo titles, gaining more and more popularity with fans. Now the four have gone their separate ways but they still meet today, in fact, we have seen Adam Cole and O’Reilly challenge each other in a fairly brutal way in recent months and now Strong, part of the Diamond Mine stable, find himself in the ring with Fish.

Surely the leading man of this group, Adam Cole, who's a protégé of Triple H and Shawn Michaels, would also like to have a match in WWE with the latter.

The latest news on Adam Cole

According to Wrestling INC reporter Raj Giri, Adam Cole will become a free agent this month.

The contract of the former NXT champion, according to some rumors, was expiring in 2024. Instead, Wrestling INC has discovered that it will expire in August 2021 just after one of the Big 4, namely Summerslam. The contract had already expired after The Great American Bash, but Cole had decided to extend it for a while.

This deadline would lead him not to have a contract with any company, so he would be free to eventually sign with whoever he wishes, so he could either renew with WWE or throw himself into another company, with options that are many nowadays.

Earlier this month we reported an interview that Adam had given to TalkSPORT journalist Alex McCarthy where the former leader of the Undisputed Era had responded to speculations that saw him move up to the main roster. His words had been these: "There is still a lot to do (at NXT).

I find it flattering that there are people who want to see Adam Cole on Raw or SmackDown, really a lot. […] Now the possibilities of things to do in all three brands seem endless to me. But there are definitely a lot of things still to do for me at NXT."

WWE sources put Adam Cole over to SRS because he was willing to stick around and work with them instead of suddenly showing up on another competitor's program, such as AEW, without notice. Despite the rumors that stated Adam Cole had signed a new WWE contract that put him with the company through 2024 around the time NXT moved to the USA Network, it's abundantly clear now that wasn't the case.