Mike Bennett takes a shot at Vince McMahon

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Mike Bennett takes a shot at Vince McMahon

Bray Wyatt's release from WWE has left everyone stunned, including those closest to the Stamford-based federation. Although several hypotheses have been elaborated, it is not yet clear the reason that led to the firing of one of the most popular superstars of recent years.

It is possible that the very harsh effects of the global pandemic have also affected this decision, but these are only speculations that have not found any confirmation for the moment. Within hours of the news, former WWE star Mike Bennett has labeled Vince McMahon a greedy and evil man.

Recall that - in 2021 alone - the Stamford-based federation's had to release about 30 wrestlers to cope with the crisis generated by an unprecedented situation.

Mike Bennett slams Vince McMahon

“I notice everything and always analyze in detail every single move by the WWE.

Consider that some of my best friends still work there” - wrote Mike Bennett on his Twitter profile. “To deny that Vince McMahon is a greedy and evil man is to have eyes lined with ham. The time has come to realize that Vince has now become bad for wrestling.

The fish rots from the head and for the last 40 years there has always been Vince at the top. He fired a huge amount of people during the worst health crisis of the last 100 years. All just to save a few million dollars so his company could make the same record profit.

Many superstars with children have lost their jobs in recent months, as Vince McMahon gets richer as time goes by. Denying these facts means living in illusion. I can assure you that Vince has destroyed many more lives than he has helped,” ruled Mike Bennett.

Braun Strowman, Mickie James, Aleister Black and Andrade are just a few of the stars who had to say goodbye to WWE. Some of them have signed a contract with All Elite Wrestling, which has taken the opportunity to expand their roster.

WWE legend The Godfather has opened up about the unique relationship he had with Vince McMahon during his time working for the WWE Chairman. Speaking on the Such Good Shoot podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer said McMahon understood that he viewed wrestling as his second job.

He added that the WWE boss was “super cool” about him leaving the company when he felt like he was not having fun. “Vince was always, and he still is, cool with me,” The Godfather said. “Because I was walking out on contracts, but he knew I wasn’t going to go wrestle for somebody else, so he wasn’t really worried about it.

Vince has always been super cool with me and, to this day, he’s still super cool with me. I’m still under a Legends Contract. There’s not many people left on the Legends Contract, and I’ve been on one since 2003”.