Former WWE star opens up on CM Punk and Daniel Bryan

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Former WWE star opens up on CM Punk and Daniel Bryan

The news of the release of Bray Wyatt has shocked the WWE Universe in the last few hours, overshadowing the issue that had held the bench in recent weeks. In fact, the rumor is circulating that Daniel Bryan and CM Punk are about to sign a contract with All Elite Wrestling.

The two former WWE Champions would like to write a new chapter in their respective careers, far from the context that made them famous in every corner of the world. In a recent interview with Sportskeeda, former WWE star Ricardo Rodriguez analyzed the impact such a jolt would have on the wrestling business.

This industry has also been ravaged by the aftermath of the global pandemic, which has prevented fans from attending live shows for over a year.

Ricardo Rodriguez on Daniel Bryan and CM Punk

“If Daniel Bryan and CM Punk were to switch to AEW, it would be difficult to continue to argue that WWE is the leading wrestling company in the world.

Punk and Bryan represent two authentic legends, it would be a brilliant move by Tony Khan if he were to go through" - explained the former manager of Alberto Del Rio. Ricardo Rodriguez argues the need to renew a business that is too screwed up on itself.

“The important thing is that you have to help wrestling. It is not necessarily a question of WWE, AEW or NWA, the discussion is much broader. In the last 10 or 20 years, wrestling has gone downhill, no longer having the same importance it did in the 80s and 90s.

In those days, professional wrestling was part of the mainstream culture, it was not limited to a small circle of fans and professionals. I wish there were more opportunities for boys to show off. More companies are needed for this to happen.

If Punk and Bryan went to AEW, it would be a great help to the whole business, not just Tony Khan's federation," said Rodriguez. All that remains is to wait to find out more. Booker T discussed rumors about CM Punk's return to pro wrestling, following links with AEW.

The WWE Hall of Famer, on his Hall of Fame podcast, analyzed issues that CM Punk could face after such a lengthy spell away from pro wrestling. "Now, that's what I'm thinking about CM Punk who's been away from the game for seven years.

I'm not hating or anything like that, but my thing is this: in my 40s, mid-40s, even though I still looked good, I had a phobia about taking my shirt off in the locker room with the young guys. It's like, 'Man, these guys look great.

Goddamn!' You know I had a subconscious thing that I was working with there, even though I still looked good. So, I was thinking, you know, maybe my time has passed me by. Maybe it's time for me to start doing something else, as well as, 'Am I losing a step?' So, I start questioning myself when I got to a certain age. When you start questioning yourself, it's time to move to something else," said Booker T.