*Spoiler* Bobby Lashley takes a shot at Goldberg

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*Spoiler* Bobby Lashley takes a shot at Goldberg
*Spoiler* Bobby Lashley takes a shot at Goldberg (Provided by Wrestling World)

After the Pay Per View of Money in the Bank, WWE Champion Bobby Lashley challenged anyone to face him to prove his power. During Monday Night Raw, the former North American NXT champion Keith Lee immediately showed up, returning after several months, he immediately challenged the champion but in the end, it was The All Mighty who prevailed and triumphed.

After the challenge won in the episode of the red show after Money in the Bank there was another fantastic return, the arrival in the ring of Bill Goldberg. The former WCW icon has challenged Lashley and told him that he will be the next to challenge him for the title.

An enraged WWE Champion did not appreciate and refused the challenge escorted out of the ring by the inseparable MVP.

Bobby Lashley will face Goldberg

Through its social channels, WWE has announced that this evening on Monday Night Raw Bill Goldberg will be present again to speak, always addressing Bobby Lashley and MVP in a challenging perspective.

The WWE Champion responded via social media by letting it be known that he is not very convinced of this: "Yes, we'll see if he really shows up..." Again via media Bobby Lashley has again warned the WWE Hall of Famer with quite important statements: "You don't belong in the same world as me, let alone the same ring.

If you get close again, this time MVP won't be able to hold me back. No, thanks, Old Man (old ..)" Bill Goldberg has a deal with WWE that he can only play two matches a year. The wrestler last faced former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre in a feud and was defeated neatly in just three minutes by Scottish Psychopath at the Royal Rumble.

The last time Goldberg became WWE champion was in 2020 when Bill faced and won the match against The Fiend. The wrestler then again lost the title defeated by Braun Strowman at Wrestlemania 36. Goldberg claimed that he'll be double ready this time as WWE gave him a solid eight weeks to prepare for the match.

"Like I said, the guy’s [Bobby Lashley] been spearing people for ten years, trying to copy my move. Now the other night he does the Jackhammer on TV and I just don’t understand why these guys make me come out of retirement to teach ‘em a little respect so, this time they gave me eight weeks so Lashley’s gonna be pissed off about that one because I’ll be doubly ready this time," said Goldberg.

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